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Question about DHT

We know that some of your testosterone converts to DHT, but is it your free testosterone that converts to DHT, or does your general circulating bound testosterone convert to DHT? Or both?

In other words, if you were to lower your total testosterone while raising your free T, would your DHT go up or down?

Increasing your Free T will increase DHT, how much is determined by genetics.

Thank you fine sir.

Testosterone converts to estrogen and DHT and free t. How would you increase conversion while lowering total. Shbg?


Let’s say you had total T of 1000 ng/dl and free T of 200 pg/ml. Now let’s say you add anastrozole. Your total T would decrease some while your free T would increase. Would your DHT decrease or increase?

What leads you to believe that taking anastrozole would decrease Total T or increase free T? I haven’t seen that. It will lower your E2, which in turn may actually increase your Total T and free T together.


Well I had originally wrote, “What if you lowered your T dose a little while adding anastrozole, decreasing your total T while raising your free T…”

But I thought it read more complicated than necessary. But it’s basically what I’m in the middle of doing…My current total T is plenty high, and so I have room to decrease it, but my free T could stand to be increased. My E2 is high enough to give me the necessary headroom to use the anastrozole for greater free T.

So then, will my DHT increase or decrease?

There is no linear equation for that, it has a lot to do with individual response. Which is based largely on genetics. You’re a guinea pig when it comes to this.

lol, well then I’ll let you know how it goes…

That makes no sense to me. Are you saying this because of shbg? Less e2 so more room for DHT? It doesn’t work that way. If you want more DHT get some
DHT or apply cream to the balls.

Total t doesn’t matter. If you need more free t you take a tad but more test. It is not linear. 5 points 195 to 200 might give you 5 points free t where 150 to 175 gave you 5. There is a point where body jsut converts more the higher the dose. I think this is because of DHT.

Trying to mess with shbg or anastrazole is asking for problems.

I don’t play with my hormones. KISS

All the T you inject is free until its not.

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Ya and ?

It’s just that in the past I’ve always been able to significantly raise my free T via anastrozole…less testosterone converting to e2 left more testosterone to be left as free T. So I figured trying to lower the total dose while adding anastrozole, would lower my total T while possibly still raising free T through a greater percentage of the lesser T getting converted to e2.

…if you can follow that convoluted paragraph.

I get it but why take anastrazole when you can take more T. AI should be used when estrogen is an issue.

Now and in the future, you will still be able to do that. @gtron you have been on this forum long enough to know not everyone offering advice offers good advice.

This is a really interesting question. I would think if you have extra free T because it did not convert to E2 (you are using an AI) your DHT would increase. We really don’t know much about our bodies deciding factors on how much DHT to make with the available free T.

I do know too much DHT for too long and you can kiss all the hair on top of your head goodby.

There you go again… Negative. That is your middle name.

Can’t even open your mind to logic.


Yeah, in the past I’ve had lower total testosterone while having higher free T. But currently my total is very high while my free is only so-so. I can only assume that as I get older, my SHGB is increasing. Because all else is the same…lifestyle, training, nutrition etc., is extremely consistent and healthy.

I also saw the studies showing that 10mg/day of boron significantly increased free T. However I don’t know what the long term effects are of taking that much boron, or whether it causes any other mineral imbalances.

Yeah and I’m not looking to increase DHT, but fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, my skin is the early warning radar for DHT. I start getting cystic type acne long before it starts affecting my hair.

Hey I have another peripherally related question…I know that blood levels peak 24 hours after injection, however, i don’t know that I’ve ever read whether those are gross peak levels of the not yet usable, bonded, cypionate, or if it’s uncleaved fully available testosterone. I think that would matter for a lot of things including anastrozole timing.

you are waiting the 24hours so they can measure the cleaved. Any T setting in oil be it in your muscle or fat will not be measured. Only what is in the blood and when the T releases from the oil is pretty much instantly cleaved.
Also consider if T peaks at 24hours E2 and DHT will probably take an additional 24 to peak.
When I’m doing my own bloods tests not for my clinic I always want to know peak since that is what I am trying to control.

Since you have issues with high DHT do you get it measured with each blood test? Finding out what lvl of DHT you can tolerate might be a desiding factor in your TT dose. Some get to use the top of the free T range, some have to watch their HCT.

I am not sure the correct answer to your direct question, but I read that you were wondering about anastrozole and it’s effects on DHT. Anastrozole will definitely increase DHT. That is why a lot of men lose hair when they use it for a long period of time. Here is a study on dogs that showed anastrozole increases DHT even when a 5ar inhibitor (dht enzyme inhibitor) is used https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/9759700/