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Question about Depo

My woman had tons of problems when she was on the pill, getting sick all the time, depressed. So she went on Depo, I was there when she got the shot. However she got pregnant, now this was ohh, about 7 months ago. So we’ll be having the boy soon.

My question is this, since we concieved with depo before, are the chances higher of getting pregnant again with depo? Is it complete blind luck, and random chance, or is there anything to do with our bodies, genetic make up… Or would we have to hit that one in 10 thousand shot again? Just looking for someone with more knowledge on the subject.

I would start with the Depo website, then talk to your Dr.

Well, if it clearly didn’t work the first time, why would you even consider using it again? And definitely check out the Depo site. They advise going off Depo for six months before you even think about getting pregnant due to the abundance of birth defects associated with it, not the least of which is defined as “gender abnormalities”. I would also look into some non-manufaturer sponsered info/studies. As a rule I am pretty wary of any medication that doesn’t have some serious long term research behind it.
If she had side effects from the brand of pill she tried she could always try another. There isn’t just a “pill”. There are many different brands with different hormones and different combinations of hormones, varying levels of hormones, etc. It can also take anywhere from 1-6 months to adjust and the symtoms you said she experienced are pretty typical for that period of adjustment. She could try a low dosage, or a pill like Tri-phasil(sp?) which varies the hormone level throughout the month to mimic a more natural cycle. Sometimes this can help with symptoms.
The IUD had come back on the market and is supposedly very safe. Maybe something to look into as it eliminates the hormonal manipulations. Anyway, she should really be discussing this with a good Gyno before making any decisions.

Oh my god! Savannah, thanks for bringing up the IUD. I say do look into it. It’s what I have. There was NO WAY in hell that I was going to take another pill or use anytype of birth control that messed with my hormones. The IUD was the safest way, IMO - especially after researching via Planned Parenthood and various medical practitioners. The beautiful thing is my health insurance covered the cost of inserting the IUD. Didn’t cover the pill, but they covered the IUD. Wierd, but true.

The only discomfort is during the first week after implantation (that word just sounds so *impersonal* here....), that's really it. Oh, I know of a website that has TONS of birth control info. I'll find it. It contains lists of what is NOT offered here in the states, pros/cons, etc. Pretty informative. I'll find it, and post it here.

I’m thinking this is that website: http://www. ultimatebirthcontrol.com (remember to eliminate space in url - which I added between the “.” and “ultimate”)

OUCH, I remember in sex ed learning about those things. How can you have a boat anchor-like thing floating around your uterus? If I remember correctly, they can dig into the surface of the uterine wall to prevent fertilized eggs from settling there, thus no fetus? Anyways, its good to see someone who is taking the initiative for responsible birth control. I can never understand people who abort, because “I just didn’t care for the pregnancy thing”. -The Starkdog

I love it that there is twenty different kinds of Estrogen for women to fuck themselves up on and these are the same ignorant bitches that claim roid rage. I’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam with a guy on 2 grams of suspension before a chick who is on the wrong pill. What a fucking joke? When are women going to figure this birth control thing out? One pill does not suit all and planned parent hood is not the end all be all in birth control. I think it is insane to use the Depo method of B-control. What do you do if the girl gets pregnant? Have a retard or abort? I propose a toast…To her Honor, Don’t Come in her Come on her.

Thanks for that timely input. Oh wait, some bumb bitches covered all that about three days ago.

D_End, are you truly as ignorant as you sound in most of your posts?

She had been on depo since she was 22, so about 6 years now. There were no other pregnancy ‘scares’. I’ve come across some women with problems with depo, and others with problems with different pills, I think it’s highely individualized.

When I spoke to the doctor about the possibilities of birth defects in my kid, because of the depo shot. She stated that by theory the chances of birth defects go up, however there hasn’t been any solid evidence(Similar to the protein causes kidney problems?) or any correct studies done on the effects of depo to a unborn child.

What’s with the “If it didn’t work the first time, then don’t use it again” responce? If someone uses a condom, and accidently gets a woman pregnant, you suggest they stop using condoms?

Wow, D-END, just when I thought you weren’t one of the more ignorant people to wlk this earth you post again…

There are about 50 different verions of the pill because they do different things. I was on a tri-phase pill for years and not only did my sex drive grind to a halt, I got severely depressed. It took about 3 years before I had those symptoms though. I am on a mono-phase pill now, but at a higher dosage than the last mono-phase pill I tried.

As far as I know, there is no drug out there that plays with a man's hormonal system to the level that the pill does. We all react differently to it.

Sorry if that is too complecated for you, D-End, please be sure to use multiple types of protection when you have sex, we wouldn't want you to breed.

As for not using Depo again, it would seem that if it didn't work it may be because of a hormanal thing, instead of the drug directly failing. Her body may have figured out how to be 'immune' to it.

Patricia, thank you so much for posting that. I have been considering the IUD for a while I just wanted to hear from someone who actually had tried it and I don’t know anyone who has one. I tried several different pills and never found one I was entirely happy with. As for Depo, Norplant, etc., there is just not enough long term research. I agree, I am just not interested in doing anymore hormone juggling.

Thanks Michelle, that is the type of answer I was looking for.