Question about Deadlift Technique

Though I’ve been lifting weights for quite a while, I am just now learning the finer points of technique in the 3 powerlifts. I use the conventional deadlift form, but I find that if I start with my hips as high as most lifters do, I tend to strain my lower back; to begin with my hips high, I have to lean forward more at the beginning of the lift. If I start with my hips lower and stay in a more upright position, the strain disappears.

For reasons I won’t go into here, I can’t do sumo style, so that’s out. I know some would say it’s “wrong” to begin with the hips low, and that if you do you’re essentially squatting the weight up, but it seems to work for me. I have a long upper body, which may contribute to the problem.

My question is, is there really anything wrong with what I’m doing? Am I setting myself up for an injury or some other problem by doing heavy conventional deadlifts starting in the hips low/ torso straight up position?
Any advice from experienced powerlifters would be much appreciated.

It all depends on your leverages. Guys with long legs and short waists can start with hips higher than guys with short legs and long waists.

Can’t help without video.

yeah post a video. but i think you just need to find the groove that works the best for you. if you feel the strongest doing ti the way you are saying. by all means keep going. when your progress stops. assess your form again and go from there. its a constant learning process. thats why its so much fun.

post a video from the side view!!