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Question about day 2 of Meltdown 1

Do you repeat the A exercises twice like on day 1 or do you just go to the b exercise and that’s it. That’s what I did today since I wasn’t sure if I had to repeat the cycle again like day 1 suggests. Thanks in advance.

So wassup folks.

Come on now. I know at least one of ya’ll has made it to day 2 of Meltdown.

hello, im actually approaching my 4th week of meltdown I…to answer ur question, yes you repeat the A cycle just like day 1. do your four exercises…two minute break…repeat twice…week 2 repeat three times…week 3 same as two but add in the interval training at night…this workout is kicking my ass, but hey the body fat is down 2% in three weeks and the weight is a constant 200lbs…aint nuthin better than results

Thanks for answering my question Big

I am on week three of Meltdown II and I have been doing all A excercises 5 times. I love the type of lifts in this program. I just finished a kettlebell workshop with Mike Mahler last weekend and intend to start his “roadwork” plan in a couple of weeks for the most brutal fat loss program I have ever seen.