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Question About D-Bol

It's been debated time and time again but these days the idea about a d-bol only cycle is ridiculed. As i'm sure you all know that John Ziegler created d-bol and distributed by the CIBA company. Back then Ziegler prescribed it to only a few select athletes. As the story goes those athletes were given 10-15mgs/day for 4-6 weeks then 4-6 weeks off and back on again if blood work came back ok. Those athletes made great gains on that regimen.

Now today most of us, including myself, use d-bol to kick off a cycle (or a-bomb). Followed by whatever injectable fancies you. My question is if the guidlines set by Dr. Ziegler gave good results why dont we see more of this today? Perhaps more options ? CIBA d-bol more potent?


Yep, there are more, and better options. Running d-bol in this fashion would product enhancements, though we now have more effective compounds (namely injectables). If Ziegler had half the shit we do now he wouldn't have focused so much on just low-dose d-bol as the most effective method of enhancing performance.


This is true. More options the better off we are. I've been fortunate to have met an old schooler who had taken the CIBA brand. He says the bol we have today doesnt compare. I dont know how true this is nor will i ever know. If yur short on cash and d-bol is all you got ...these afformentioned guidelines could work .


The best Dbol Ive seen out there is the blue hearts. It's a 10mg version made by Body Research Phamaceuticals, which I believe is a British based company in Thailand.


5mg of dianabol then is the same as 5mg of dianabol now. There is no secret ingredient that Ziegler put in there. The only difference is that what we get now is from underground labs which can underdose pretty heavily without you knowing.

The only way you can accurately judge effectiveness is by testing the dose of the active ingredient in the caps/pills/tabs which requires a chemical assay.

There are still people out there who recommend DBol only for a first cycle. most seem to be in about the 6-10 week range at a dose of about 50mg/d...some piramid the dose, others just run the same dose the whole way through. I am sure it works fine.

It is really too bad AAS aren't legal because this is part of the problem with all of us geting gear from the underground labs...who the fuck knows what they are going to get or what concentration because you are just going on faith in your UGL that it has what it says. That is unless you are making it yourself.


Thanx for the input. D-bol then is the same as it is now(unless its underdosed). 
Never herd of the blue hearts. I've herd good in regards to the pentagon shaped b. dispensary !


Hello I have a buddy his name is Jim he is starting a on d bol 20 mg a day should he take all 4 pink d bol at once or spread it out in the day and he is on t3 should he stop the t3 or can he take both of them t3 and d bol and since he is taking a low dose should he sill take a anti estrogen pills to stop the bitch tits


Tell Jim to get off his lazy ass and do some research. Or if your being his research bitch then start reading. The answers to your questions could eaisly be found within a couple hours of reading various threads within this forum.

Please do not dig up old threads in some feeble attempt to find the information you are looking for.


well i just wanna no if i am geting the right info thats why i am asking some help me


Start your own thread.
Use punctuation and grammar.
Ask politely and with purpose.

start with that and see what happens..