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Question About Customs


All right, this has nothing to do with steroids, but has to do with arriving packages. I recently ordered a medication from overseas, and it's arrived in the US, and the tracking website says INBOUND INTO CUSTOMS since 9/12? How long do you think it will take to clear, and is this normal? Should I be worried? Thanks.


I've had people tell me if it's there for over a week you're fucked, but I'm sure that's not always the case.


Not always the case at all! I've seen other people order EBay items that sit in customs for up to a month before they are released. Don't worry till you get a declaration notice.


I wouldn't worry about something legal sitting in costums, that's completely different.


True but I don't know if he's just asking this general question in a way that doesn't raise suspicion towards himself.


Maybe, but I don't know of anyone who orders "medication" from overseas legally lol


It is often significantly cheaper to buy certain prescription meds online for countries with health systems such as the US.

But i agree, the OP wouldn't be worried if he wasn't breaking the law - the ridiculous thread this is.


I do. I order medication that has nothing to do with gear, legally from Canada, UK, and India. Customs is all over the place. I think the country of origin matters too. While four days or whatever it's been is too long to be held in customs, don't worry yet.