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Question about creatine

I’ve never taken creatine before, and I was looking to do so starting next week. I’ve been going pretty strong for a while now so I was going to take this week off from training. Next Monday I’m going to begin a bulking cycle… now I know some people say loading isn’t necessary, and some say it is. Well, I want to load. Should I start doing that on Thursday even though I’m not training? Or should I begin the loading dose on Monday when I start to lift again? I’m thinking Thursday, but I’d like to hear what other people have to say. Also, I bought a few containers of Ribose… should I take that along with the creatine during the loading phase? It’s kind of expensive… thats why I’m asking. Thanks guys for your help.

The ribose should only be taken 2-3 grams BEFORE your WO as ribose is used by the body to replenish ATP DURING intense exercise so that is when you want it in your system - during the WO. Creatine uptake seems to be best also during or immediately after intense WO as it will be sucked into the muscle during recovery just like muscle carb uptake to replenish muscle glycogen. I like to take a pre WO drink half hour before WO I make with 3 grams ribose, 3 grams creatine, 10 grams BCAA, and 10 grams glutamine and if you want, can also add 10 grams maltodextrin or glucose. And then after WO, I like a post WO drink of 3 grams creatine in a serving of Surge. If you want to load your creatine, just double the dose in both pre and post WO drinks for 1st 3 or 4 days. This has worked well for me.

I got my creatine monohydrate on thursday and have been loading since Sat(non workout day). Its no biggy if you do or don’t load but loading speeds things up a lil. For some reason i perfer taking 5 grams of it 4 times a day when loading, but Hebs way seems like a good idea. I’ve learned from the guys on the forum that luke warm water or sports drink helps on diluting and in absorption of the creatine. later -Flaco