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Question About Clomid

I have been reading around on this forum a bit and have tried to absorb as much as possible. From what I understand Clomid is an estrogen suppressant usually prescribed to pregnant women, is this correct? My situation is that basically I have never taken steroids and don’t plan on it right now because one I’m 17 and two I’m not advanced enough. However, I do have puffy nipples, which I think may be gyno. So I was wondering if taking clomid alone would help me out as far as the nipples go and would it have any negative effects on me?

You’re better off served if you take some Nolvadex instead of Clomid if you think your puffiness is from gyno.

Also, in all my years of experience, I have found that most causes of puffy nipples in teenagers COULD be from bodyfat %. Like I said, COULD. We don’t exactly know since we don’t know your bodyfat percentage. Gyno and bodyfat go hand in hand after the puberty years.

I’m definately not skinny but i don’t know my exact bf%. I’m not going to do the whole speculate on it thing because that is rarely productive, but I can say I’m more than 15% without a doubt. I’ll try to get a picture up soon. Also, as far as Nolvadex goes is there a way to know if it’s legit because I know of someone that can get me almost anything, but I’m not sure of the quality/legitimacy of the product.