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Question About Clean Bulking


well, lets say i want to clean bulk, ill try to put on 300 cal above maintaince daily to do it trying to gain about 2.5 lbs per month.
how can i be sure that those 300 cal will go for building my muscle instead of just turning into fat??

when u get 500-600 above maintaince daily u can be sure that some of the calories atlist are going for your muscle, but how can u be sure in that when on 300+ clean bulk diet?? i guss the body tends to store fat before building muscle (no juice) so how can i know that 300 cal are just to low for building any muscle?? i can be training and adding 2.5 lbs per month and all of it will be fat????


I would add the extra calories slowly. Don't just add 300 calories a day to your diet. Add 50 to 75. And keep it that way for two to three weeks. Then add 50 to 75 more. The best way to tell if the weight you're trying to gain is muscle or fat is to look in the mirror.

Could you see your ab muscles before you started to bulk? Can you still see them? If you can still see them, add some more calories, slowly.


1) first you must convince your brain and your CNS that you actually NEED to build more muscle mass. you do this by lifting heavy . your body knows how much muscle it needs to get thru the week . if it thinks it has enough , it wont make anymore .

2) second , you must convince your body that it gets enough healthy fats in your daily dietary intake . if it gets enough , it will be less likely to store more .


tnx guys