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Question About Chest Workout


Hey Guys,

I have a question about my chest workout, i'm currently neglecting my upper and lower chest specific exercises. I would like to build more of a Bulk in my chest before I go into the specific upper and lower region, is this wrong? Should I just add in some Incline/Decline Bench or Dips and take out some others or just go with the major chest exercises?

Heres my Current Routine:

Cardio: 10 Mins

Bench press: 4x8-10
Cable Press: 4x10
Dumbell Press: 4x10
Close Grip Bench press: 4x10
Triceps Extension: 4x10
Triceps Pull down: 4x8

Thanks Alot,


You have alot of tricep work. Delcine, Incline, and boardpresses will focus on most of what you're looking for.


Sooooo does this look like a better routine?

Cable Press: 4x10
Decline Dumbbell: 3x8
Incline Dumbbell: 3x8
Dumbbell Press: 4x10
Triceps Extension: 3x8
Triceps Pull down: 3x8


That definately looks better but why db's? Do you have access to a SM or regular rack/bench?

I smash the shit out of my chest and arms. Here's some of my chest routine:

Flat presses (barbell)
barbell weight x 40
20lbs x 30
40lbs x 20
100 x 10
200lb x 3 (dynamic)

Incline presses (barbell)
150 x 5

Decline presses (barbell)
150 x 5

Flys (cable or dumbell)
30 x 10

Weighted dips (if I have the time)

Flat presses (dumbell)
20lbs x 30
40lbs x 20
100 x 10
140 to near failure

Incline presses (dumbell)
150 x 5

Decline presses (dumbell)
150 x 5

Flys (cable or dumbell)
30 x 10

Weighted dips (if I have the time)


My recommendation would be on chest day hit Flat, low incline, and decline. Say chest day is Monday start with Flat, then hit incline and then decline. The next Monday switch it up and start with incline then move to flat then decline and so forth.

Also, one Monday use the heaviest dumbbells you can handle the next Monday use the barbell with a spotter and hit it heavy. The next Monday use Barbell on one movement dumbbells on the next and so forth. For instance Flat bench first with Barbell. The next exercise would be incline bench with dumbbells. This way you are hitting the chest area hard while keeping the stimulus slightly different week to week. Just make sure you are progressively adding weight or reps week to week.

Try that for awhile and it combined with good eating and recovery should add some size to your chest.

Good luck,



If you can do them with a decent range of motion I believe weighted dips will give you the biggest bang for your buck. forget hitting different parts of your pec and go heavy on dips and force the poundage.

Switching from bench presses to dips has given me the biggest strength and size increases of my entire life.

Try heavy sets of 3 or 2 reps for 10-12 sets at the start of your chest workout and finish off with a few sets of incline presses and some flyes.

But, no matter what you do force the poundage and change it after 4 weeks (wish I had started that years ago).


it also depends on your body proportions. if you have strong triceps or shoulders then those musclegroups may overpower your chest and take some of the workload from your chest. in wich case you might want to consider half presses. this means go all the way down and only halfway up, then go all the way down then all the way up, then repeat from the begining. since the main strain on your chest comes from when the bar is at your pec to halfway up this will make sure your chest is getting worked to its full potential. worked great for me, got a solid c cup now XD!

as far as incline decline presses, incline will effect your flatt bench the most. decline is to just show off that you can lift heavy while being upside-down, the chics dig it XD.


Yeah I am already doing Half Presses Dylanj thanks for the Tip tho, My Triceps are muuuuch more strong than my Chest and I had to start doing that.