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Question about chest shape and size

Hey guys, I have a question for you.
My chest, when looked at from the side looks like a tit. If you look at in in a mirror, it looks like a chest of someone that worksout, which of coarse I do.
I had to take about a 4 week lay off from the gym, last night was my first chest work out I did 4 x 12-8 on flat, incline, decline, cross over, and peck deck.

Is this just because I have gained some fat in my chest or is this an indicator that I could be getting gyno?
Thanks for you help t-men.

You’ll only be getting gyno if you’ve introduced an abnormal amount of female hormones to your body. I think you would have mentioned if you were on steroids or androstenedione, and you’re probably not drinking 3 soy protein shakes a day, so I doubt it’s gyno. Gyno usually starts around the nipple; it’s not as if you grow an entire pair of female breasts suddenly. (Look at photos of Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman from a couple of years ago and look at his nipples–definitely noticeable gyno.) So, it’s probably extra fat, maybe a genetic predisposition for extra fat around the chest, and also the shape of your chest. (Actually, speaking of shape, Arnold Shwarzenegger had “tits” when he did a side chest pose!) In your training, try for more of the “Steve Reeves” look, and really emphasize the upper pecs. You are doing 16 sets that emphasize the middle and lower pecs, and 4 that emphasize the upper. I’d say that’s way too many sets, but anyway, if that 16:4 ratio goes to 10:10, or even 8:12 for a couple of months, you will have better shape. Go for the V-taper look, and keep the bodyfat down. A fantastic exercise for the upper pecs that not many do is a crossover using the cables at floor level, bringing them across your body and in front of your head. And on the pec deck, keep your elbows high (if its a deck that has pads at the elbows) to work the upper pecs. Actually, just change your routine with upper crossovers and modified pec deck, and that might solve your problem. Good luck!

Thanks for the info Brian. I will try what you suggested.