Question About Chest Fat

Ok, so this could be a very stupid question. If it is I’m sorry. I have always been fat, athletic but fat. I played college football and weighed about 320 lbs. I’m 6’3".

When I became played out I decided to lose the weight. I am a slim and trim 215 right now and am very happy with everything except my chest. I dont know my bench max or my squat or powerclean max but im stronger than ever, so thats good.

But since I use to be such a fatty I definatly have gyno. Its ok I guess and as I get my body fat lower and lower it goes away of course but very slowly.

My question is my friends father is a plastic surgeon. I asked him about that and he said that some men have an excess of estrogen during there development. He said that there isnt much he can do for me, which is fine I wasnt really expecting anything but, my question is if I take an anti estrogen supplement would that help me get rid of some of that fat around my chest.

SOrry that this is so freggin long and if this is a dumb question. Thanks guys.

Try letrozole (femara). If that doesn’t work, try shooting some phosphatidylcholine in there, lol. If that doesn’t work, get surgery.

Not sure exactly why your friends dad went the route of mentioning estrogen to you unless you’ve got other things going on afterall you say you are fat. But there are tons of Gyno surgery done everyday with great results.

And unless you are extremely fat the scarring would be hardly noticeable.

I think you need to post a pic and go see another doctor.