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Question About Carb Powders


I'm looking for guidance regarding a carb powder to add to my pre/during/post workout shake.

I'm following the Carb/Protein/Amino Acid guidelines from Berardi and Mejia's Scrawny to Brawny. For my shakes I've been using:

Carbs: Cyto Sport's Cyto Carb 2
Protein: Dymatize 100% Hydrolyzed Whey
BCAA: Optimum Nutrition's BCAA 5000 blend
Glutamine: GNC's Micronized L-Glutamine Powder

I'm seeing that there are many new "fast-acting" carb powders out there and I'm thinking replacing the Cyto Sport might be worth looking into.


Just buy maltodextrin and dextrose in bulk. Stuff is like $2 per pound.


But surely if it cost less it must not work as well !!! ??? !!!


lol exactly

Of course there are some carbohydrates that probably work better, like fractionated rice peptides or whatever, but dextrose and maltodextrin still get the job done.


You could probably just use regular table sugar in you shakesfor PWO. I think dextrose and maltodextrin have simalar glycemic values as sugar anyway.


Thanks for the insight. I'm going to replace the Cyto Sport with Maltodextrin. That being said, I'll keep an open ear if someone has the research showing why spendding the $$$ for a fancy carb powder would be worth it.


50 or so grams of table sugar would be unpalatable, IMO. Way too sweet.


Serious post/question.

Where is the best place to buy the maltodex?


Got a question pertaining to this subject... is waxy maize all that better then dextrose or maltodextrin. Right now I just use gatorade powder, but I know the others are cheaper. I searched on here and other websites, and some say it's all the same, others claim WM just shits on everything else... So Bonez, and anyone else, does it matter at all? I mean they all nearly cost the same, I'm just wondering more is one less heavy on the stomach or something? Why is WM seen as 'superior' to many??


I still use waxy maize around workout time instead of other carb powders (I buy in bulk, same with every other carb/fiber, protein powder and supp I use)... But tbh, I can't tell much of a difference... I do it out of habit more than anything else now.


There's this joke I want to make so badly about this but I doubt the powers that be would let me.


One of the rules of the universe :wink:


I think dextrose would only be used to spike insulin? then you would have to have other carb sources to refill glyc stores?

From what i've read waxy maize is suppose to be a better powdered carb source than malto. I've never used waxy maize due to its name. (waxy maize) so I don't have a personal opinion. I seen a few brothers post about using it before so i think It would be worth a try.
Better than gatorade post workout.


I just use the gatorade mixed with whey during my workout. I'm just looking for something cheap, not heavy on your stomach, and comes in orange flavor. lol. I've tried kool-aid as well, but I know it being fructose or whatever, isn't the best carb source...


So I said I would take you guys up on the dextrose and maltodextrin advice but then went in a different direction. My bad.

I came across a carb powder called Vitargo S2. The research looked good. It's pricey but workout supplements are pretty much my only luxury expense so I went for it. I'll post an update soon re: whether I've experienced any benefit.


you can get those same supplements in bulk for much cheaper if you look around a bit


WMS is so much easier on my stomach than other simple carbs


So I used the fancy carb powder for a few weeks, and then switched to a 50/50 malto/dextrose blend.

Seems to me there was no difference. My energy levels, recovery, and gains were not noticeable different. I won't be laying down big bucks on fancy carb powders anytime soon.

Side Note: the Cyto Sport Carb powder I was originally using was actually 100% Maltodextrin and sold at about a 1000% markup from the bulk malto powder i got.


Although it's expensive check out Vitargo
You can get it unflavored. I've used it in the past and think it's excellent.


Read literally 4 posts above your one.