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Question About Carb Cycling

If I’m cycling should I be aiming to have my high carb days the day before my heavy lifting days or the day of? In other words, are the carbs you eat intended for use on the day you eat them or for the next day? Thanks in advance for any responses.

It is my understanding that you should be having your high days on the days you train the big muscle groups. ex. Legs, Back, even chest for some people. However, I have heard of people getting PR’s when they eat a shit ton of carbs the day before they max a deadlift, squat, or bench press. Also, I dont know the circumstance of those people’s diets either. But, in my experience with carb cycling I always did my high days on a leg day and a back day with majority of carbs consumed before my workout. Usually my high day was right after a low day where I was consuming maybe 50 carbs. I saw great results with this protocol.