Question About Capping Orals?

From some reading and research I have found that to fill up the capsules they will hold a certain about of total mgs of product depending on the density of the granules of the powder.

Only problem is that I can seem to find that direct info. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

My buddy is planning to cap some cialis powder in a 0 GA capsules. Obviously a 1 GA would of been better as there is plenty of room left in there already at 25mg of product. So was im wondering what is the total amount of space mg wise in a 0 GA capsule and what would work best for filler that basically has granules the same density as the cialis powder.

Feel free to correct me if im wrong in any of my thinking in the above post.

about .6 of a gram packed in

I’d think you’d have to get your hands on a digi scale in order to be that precise. Then you could easily find a filler powder of the same density as well, maybe bicarb or msm powder?

Well of course a digital scale will be utilized.

I was just under the impression that different things used for filler will require a different amount of total weight to fill the cap. Trying to help a guy out and be precise as possible in the process.