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Question About Candito’s Strength - Hypertrophy

Hi T-Nation,

I think starting to Candito’s Strength-Hypertrophy Program. This program has linear progression but I’m confessed at one point :

If I squat 3x6 300 pounds on Strength day then I squat 5x8 275 pounds on Hypertrophy day, how would be my progression?

It’s very simple on strength days, just I will add 5 pounds and I’m gonna squat 3x6 305 pounds.

But what to do on hyper days? Should I also add 5 pounds each week and squat 5x8 280 pounds for next week?


I currently run this program, and I don’t move up on the 5x8 until no set exceeds like an RPE 6-7. So if it takes one week then fine, but if it takes 3 weeks for me to master that weight then so be it. But don’t feel limited to the 5x8 every week, I also use that time to test my boundaries and maybe find a new 10 rep max if the squats are feeling great.