Question About Cabergoline Usage

With my upcoming test and tren cycle, I’ll have caber on hand.

My question is, when do I begin using caber? At the sign of prolactin gyno? Or do I dose it to preven prolactin gyno?

Also, I have forty (40) 1mg tablets on hand. Is that a enough for 8 weeks of tren use?

I doubt you’ll need it. Even though you didnt mention how much tren you were using.

You are using an AI right?

Sorry for being lazy, Bones.

I’ll be running:

Weeks 1-12: 300mg/week of Test E
weeks 3-10: 525mg/week of Tren Ace
Arimidex will be dosed at .5mg ED at the first sign of gyno and ran for the remainder of the cycle, increasing if needed.

PCT will be a regular test taper as I’ve recovered better from a test taper vice using Nolvadex.

Dont start the caber unless you need it. Using drugs that alter dopamine is risky to begin with. Dont use it just for the hell of it.

okay. In the event I need to, what is the dosing protocol for caber? Just take 1mg and stop until needed again?

Also, Bonez…I saw a post where you responded to someone running Deca and you suggested using the caber around week 2. Seeing as Tren is Deca’s big brother, what’s the difference in advice?