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Question About Building Muscle


I weigh about 170 lbs., but am pretty skinny. I have always been a pretty skinny person, but lean. If all I have is the dumbbells that Bowflex came out with, do you think I would be able to bulk up a little? I am not trying to get huge, I just want to build some muscle.

I think the thing that I am worried about is the dumbbells not being enough weight for the chest and leg areas. I guess the two exercises I am worried I will be missing out on are the bench press and squats, since I have no gym membership. Are dumbbell flys as effective as dumbbell press?

I guess I also am just looking for some pointers from anyone if having only those dumbbells if I could pack on some muscle. ( I have started the nutrition part of this as of Monday, so I am doing good there.)


It?s indeed possible.
With this one week I?ve worked with dumbells I?ve gained the double of muscle mass then I got with 2 weeks of my barbell.

Why dont you test dumbell press with them ? :slight_smile:


Weight gain is primarly about your overall caloric intake. You can put on some muscle by eating enough calories and doing bodyweight lifts.


What weight does those bowflex go up to?

The reason I ask is for 5,6 years I used dumbells only and made gains. They were the type that could go up to 80 pounds if you had the plates.

You can make gains with dumbells only, especially the upper body. I guess you could do different types of dumbell squats for legs.

Good luck.