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Question About Box Squats


Kevin Nee recently hit an 855lb. box squat for a double (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5CWTGHLLEc) and as someone who never has done a box squat and never intends to and also knows very little about the powerlifting scene I was wondering how Kevin's lift would compare to box squats done by competitive powerlifters. Thank you.


That is a pretty high box, but either way an 855 double is pretty legit.



You're not gonna be weak and do it.

Can't really compare it to a PL'er tho cos of the height. I know he says par, but it looks a lot higher.

Think Scott Cartwright and Donnie T have done circa 800-900 raw off a truly parallel box.


That guy never fails to impress me. That's impressive. Shit- just walking with 855 on your back has got to be hell. That said, even more so than with a free squat, chopping it a few inches high on a box squat can enable you to squat some pretty hellacious weights raw.

I remember taking 605 for a double sqatting to a bench that put me an inch or two high- belt only, no wraps. While it wasn't "easy" weight, I felt comfortable doing it without a spotter. Had that been a slightly below parallel box, 550 for a single would have been a chore and maybe a miss.

Especially for a tall squatter like Kevin, it is extrememly hard to stay upright in the hole- particularly without a suit or briefs- and you lose some mechanical advantage by leaning. But a high box squat feels awesome.

For Kevin's purposes- strongman training- I'm sure it's a good training technique. Some powerlifters like high box squats- kind of like board presses, but for squatting. Personally, I think you are kind of cheating yourself out of the technique training and hip-strengh development you get from squatting to a parallel box.

The only reasons I can see for doing this is that you want to handle heavier weights than you can take to parallel or you don't have a parallel box and you are making do with a gym bench or something. I think a better solution to the matter of handling heavier weight and getting a top-end overload would be to use chains or bands (either hung from the top of the rack or weighted to the floor).


That's some serious weight he has on there. The box may be a little high, but regardless, he's hitting a huge weight. Powerlifters usually box squat to lower boxes with a wider stance (similar to that of a competition squat) so it's just different (some might say easier, I say whatever), it's nonetheless very impressive.


Ok, I thought it was comparable to some box squats competitive PL'rs have done in training. I will say this in his defense of the box height, I've trained with Kevin many times and know him to be an honest guy. So if he says the box is parallel you can trust him, and squatting as low as possible is very important to him even though its not something he competes in, just look at his front squat videos for proof.


Front squat =/= box squat RE: depth

I've no doubt about Kevin's honesty, but from that vid depth does look very dodge.


Here is a video of him doing a much lower box squat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLcpe0cqSEc
I believe last year in an interview he said he could squat I think 815 to powerlifting depth, I would assume with just belt and wraps.


BAsed on what I see those two vids, that sounds about right. Damn that's a strong kid.


The funny thing about Kevin when he was 20 years old he could deadlift about 700 but could not squat 455, he has come a long way since then. When Kevin was 20 I think he only weighed about 240, at wsm 2008 he was 290 or 295 at 6'1".

I got so upset when I found out Kevin did not make it to the finals. Kevin has great static strength, but if he works on his endurance, truck pulls and fingals fingers he is good to go.