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Question About Body Types

In Bizzare’s physique clinic thread CT says:

Yep, as an ectomorph there are two things that are certain about you:

  1. Your body is not built for strength training. This means that lifting weights is a huge stress on your body and each set will produce a lot more cortisol than it will do in endos and especially mesos. So in that regard the best way to NOT get gains is to perform a lot of volume since it will elevate cortisol so much that it will eat away your gains.

  2. Your body doesn’t want to put a lot of muscle on. To ‘force it’ to add muscle requires a VERY powerful stimulus. HOWEVER because of point no.1 we cannot use volume to build-up that powerful stimulus.

Is there any similar information out there for the other “body types” in terms of rules that are generally applicable to each?? Specifically mesomorph. Thanks.


Mesomorph-do anything, gain muscle.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:

Mesomorph-do anything, gain muscle.[/quote]

LOL. Yeah, seriously if you’re a mesomorph then building muscle shouldn’t really be something that you have a problem doing.