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Question about Bloated vs Real Fat Gain

so yesterday i ate at maintenance and was super full (but a lot of fiber) and was bloated. this morning weighted less but im still bloated mlre than usual. could this actually be “bloat” or fat?

You can pinch fat. You can’t pinch bloat.

Also- one day of eating, even if you really pushed the limits of sanity, is not going to make a person noticeably fatter.


so today i woke up feeling a bit fatter or bloated (dont know how to distinguish each other) in the mid section and feel my pants a bit tighter than usual. does this happen when bulking?

Yes - it is possible to get fat when eating in a calorie surplus.


You can tap on your lower abdomen about an inch below the belly button and slightly to the right. If it sounds hollow, it’s gas. If it’s a dull thud it’s poop.

If it has only been a few days since you asked the same question its the way you launder your pants.

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