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Question about Blasting and Cruising


Hi guys, for a while i've been in and out of cycles and am considering just blasting and crusing. my view is that doing pct and then going back on after a few months when test levels are restored is like a rollercoaster for my hormones. my plan is basically cruising periods for 8 weeks were around 250g p/w and blasting periods were 750g-1000g test plus another compound (adex, caber, hcg etc on cycle when needed).

my question is hypothetically if I decided to come off for a long period of time/permanently for whatever reasons, would I be able to recover (hormonal and fertile wise)after a big pct or would I have to stay with trt for the rest of my days?

apologies if there is a thread on this already guys, cheers


in my opinion, there really is no set answer for this, but.. If you decide to b/c then you should accept the fact that you will almost definitely need trt in the future if you ever decide to stop b/c ing. The longer you are shut down, the more likely you will need exogenous testosterone, plain and simple. So in other words, don't get your hopes up on recovering much natural testosterone if you are b/c ing for any significant amount of time.


there is no way to know for certain..


Slight de-rail; Eatliftsleep have you used synthol? No offence meant by this, just your avi looks bizarre (bi's,rear delt etc) maybe just the distorted pic but had to ask.


Thanks a lot guys, I think I'll need a bit of time to think about this! in the mean time do you guys think I could use gh as a "bridge" between cycles, or again should I save this for a future addition?


I would personally tun the GH fir as long as you can afford it on or off cycle.


haha yes I agree that pic looks weird I'm not sure why I'll need to take some others, it was taken a while ago... Maybe too much bodyfat? Shoulder imbalance? And to answer your question, no I have never even began to think about using that stuff, just starting to get my feet wet with aas in general

brb, going to flex in mirror (yes I'm serious)


Thanks so much guys for the helpful responses, I've found my source and plan to run 5iu/day for as long as possible. When researching over sites, forums etc I found many different opinions on hgh timing, like split dosages, all pre or post w/o, morning, evening etc. What would be the best protocol for primarily muscle retaining/building, as opposed to fat burning?

also, this may sound pretty dumb, but how long do you guys wait after a meal if your protocol is pinning on an empty stomach?

once again thanks for your help