Question About Big Beyond Belief

I just finished my first week on the 6 day Big Beyond Belief workout but am not sure if I am doing it right. For my sets am I supposed to ramp up the weight so for dumbbell bench should i do 1 set of 20kg for 10-12 reps, 1 set of 30kg for 10-12 reps and then one all out set with 40kg for 10-12 reps.

Or should I do the heaviest weight i can for the first set for 10-12 reps and then put the weight down for the 2nd and 3rd set as i get more fatigued? Or should just keep doing what I have been doing and going for all 3 sets with the same weight of 35kg?

Any help would be appreciated.

You should have posted this in the actual OTS Big Beyond Belief thread.

You also should have read the OTS Big Beyond Belief thread - we have covered ramping thoroughly. You will choose the heaviest weight you can do for the prescribed reps for your first set, and then you’ll likely have to lower the weight for subsequent sets due to the fatigue. There is no ramping on this program.

Read the OTS Big Beyond Belief thread, it is ALL discussed in there, but your specific question is covered later.

Your first working set should be an all out effort, so much so that the following sets should see a 5-10% drop in the weight you are using in each succeeding set. Warm up as necessary for that first set of maximum effort.

Again, I strongly suggest you take the time to read the whole thread. There is a TON of good information and being lazy by not reading through it is doing a disservice to yourself.

Ok thanks i’ll read through the thread