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Question About Bacon


is it bad to eat it raw? Maybe I'm going anal about my fat intake, but I was wondering if your bacon actually "lose" fat when cooked, you know.. that sweet fat juice that the bacon always left ...

so what If I dont cook it ?


Uh, yeah... Don't eat it raw, you can catch all kinds of bad things from eating raw pig.

I don't know if the fat content listed in the Nutrition Facts is pre or post cooked, but to be on the safe side I would assume it's post.


Pork raw generally not good. Ive always heard much like chicken pork should be cooked until done do to worms etc I think it was plus that just sounds well not good.

f your looking for pork fat raw get some lard and eat up I suppose not sure why you would though I mean sats aint bad and are needed but generally easy to get.



On the other hand bacon has so much salt and chemical is it even possible for anything to live in that?


Wait, you're concerned about losing bacon fat during the cooking process? Just cook something else in the bacon grease... like eggs.... or a pancake.


well, here in canada we pork is generally regarded as safe not fully cooked. there has not been an incidence of trichinosis in 2 decades.

most bacon will be smoked anyhow, so it is not really raw anyway. the fat will fry out as you cook it, but if you don't soak up the excess, you will still get some of it down the gullet. myself, i like to throw my eggs on the bacon grease and cook it right after.

for decent bacon, out here in BC anyhow, there is a brand called Hertel's and it is nitrite, nitrate, msg - free, if you look around similar can be found, but will be in short supply and expensive.


MMMMMMMM Bacon how could you possibly not want to cook it?


bacon is joy


I have a question about bacon. Why is it so tasty?




There's a joke in here about Islam waiting to be made, I just can't put my finger on it... I'll come back later.


If I had to live in a society which prevented me from having bacon, pussy and beer, I would suicide bomb people too.

On a related note-
If you want proof that Jews are a self-loathing people, just look at the kosher laws. No bacon, no lobster, no fun.

I think I'm going to go have some bacon and eggs right now.


what and leave out the jews? or all those hippie idiots who though not muslims (in this case the belief is usually by way quasi-muslim practices adopted from elements of the militant black power and rastafarian circles) follow the false reasons perpetrated by the uneducated who claim that it is - in no particular order - toxic, unclean, too close to human in its gut morphology, etc.

first off pork is the most efficient meat in terms of protein per feed. second, pigs are far cleaner than either cows, chicken or sheep. the false assumption that they are dirty is due to the fact they roll in mud to cool themselves and when in the care of incompetent or lazy fuckheads who fail to provide such facility for the swine are surprised it will utilize its own shit for the same effect.

oddly some moronic people conclude that the pig is dirty when in fact most pigs will purposely crap in the lowest corner of the sty so as to keep separate from their waste as opposed to cows which frequently shit and lay down in it without ryme or reason.

the real reason though that islam and judaism are against pork is not the bullshit reasons given by their adherents, but rather the ecology of the surrounding lanscape - or lack thereof. pigs are very destructive to such sensitive ecological environments and thus it is not feasible to raise pigs in such surroundings as soon you would have no place for them to forage.

now take this along with the food taboos that are reinforced by the cultures in the area (food is pretty much one of the main cultural dividers as well as pratices surrounding the entire food production and preparation) and the perversion of this natural phenomenon by some guy who invents an imaginary man in the sky and has to weave in such cultural practices that have a lifetime of thousands of years rather than the hundreds of religions/cults and we are pretty much where we are today.


The taboos on bacon probably came about because pigs use a lot of water and Jews/Arabs tend to live in dry arid lands. Watching pigs eat each other after one of 'em dies will also decrease your appetite for pork.


I'd cook it if I were you. If nothing else, for the crunchiness.

That said, bacon shouldn't be part of a clean diet (whether bulk or cut). Surely, you can find better sources of fat than that.


Couldn't disagree more. If you're trying to get down to 5%, sure leave the bacon at the store. Otherwise it's fine.


Tell that to the people making gains or losses on the Anabolic Diet.

OP, I can't believe you asked if it's bad to eat bacon raw, even if it's to gain fat. Can't you get your fat by eating nuts like normal people?


Its called trychanosis, and its a muscle disease. While it has pretty much been eliminated by the fact that most pigs are raised indoors, you still don't want to take a chance. My advice is to microwave the bacon.


You can save, refridgerate, and reuse the bacon grease. Your post just made me google for bacon grease recipies, and I just saw the greatest idea ever.

"Season your veggies (green beans, collards, cabbage, peas, beans, etc.) with them. Just add about three to four (or more) tablespoons."


walnuts have carbs in them, its not much, but if I keep eating them at every meal, it will be too much. I already have olive/flax with my veggies.I also like to put some heavy whipping in my protein shake, damn... thats tasty ! I forget about how the bacon here is smoked, so yeah its not really raw anymore. The tip about refregate the grease is good too, can't wait to see my roomates reaction !