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Question about Aspirating


I am currently on week 11 of 12 of a test E only cycle (500mg/wk).

When trying to inject this morning, I aspirated like usual (doing glute injections) and saw air bubbles. I was about to inject when I looked at the little green piece that attaches the needle to the base, and it looked dark… so I pulled a little harder on the syringe and a little bit of blood came in so I quickly pulled the needle out.

When it was out I pulled back on the plunger and two large drops came in and sat with the test. I swapped needles and tried again, but same thing! 5 minutes later I drew a fresh cc and tried to inject into the other side, but blood came in again… 3 times in one day!

My question is am i safe to inject once I see air bubbles and wait a few seconds/am I aspirating too hard? I have never had a problem before this, and i know what it feels like to pass through a vein and it felt fine.



Yes. This took me a while to get used to but yes.

Google “Airlock Technique”

Your muscle can actually be injected with a rather large amount of air with out complications.

We aspirate to make sure we are not injecting into a vein because air in the vein can cause complications and injecting hormones directly into the vein sucks.


thanks for the reply slayer, but it didn’t really answer my question. Once I saw air bubbles from aspirating, I pulled a little harder because the plastic piece looked dark, thats when blood came in. Am I in a vein or asp too hard?



ah sorry, this you will need to wait for somebody smarter than me.


5 cycles… i never aspirated a day in my life and its not needed, even trt doctors tell their patients not to aspirate when they pin…