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Question about ART for shoulders.

Hey T-people,
Quick question about ART. I recently pulled my pec/delt/rotator cuff. I believe that this happened because of a pre-existing weakness in my left shoulder (seems to be uneven and out of alignment from the right, always popping when I reach behind me, etc.) My question is, would ART help with this. Have found a practitioner who does this in my area, but want to make sure i’m going to the right type of doctor. If this is not correct, what type of doctor should I go and see? THANX!

I think it could. I have the same thing, popping in my shoulders from old injuries that I never let heal properly. I had gotten to the point that unracking 135 on bench hurt. My first session was 40 minutes on a Tue, and he said to try a light dumbbell chest wkout. On that Friday I benched 135 for 10 with no pain. So in one week, I went from not being able to unrack 135 to pressing it 10 times without pain. That was about 2 months ago and I am back up to working out with 235 now. It is pretty amazing stuff…