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Question About Arm Size and Core


im 21 in college i entered here at 270 real fat and soph year made a change and went down to 210 but i was too small as i play o line in college so beefed up to 235 but good size. otherwise im done with ball and all about my lifts im 228 rit now and been back to lifting normally. my arm size will not increase and my core isnt great. ive been told since i lost a lot of wt i have a lot of extra skin and need to fill it and get bigger but idk how to do that in my core area. i do abs 3-4 x a week

my schedeule is
mon legs and tris
tues back and bis
weds chest and calves
thurs shoulders
fri arms
cardio 5x a week
any help would b great thanks


ur bigger and younger than me but...

can i suggest changing your split to:

otherwise ur taxing ur shoulders and tris way too much throughout the week.
reduce the cardio to 2 days. 3 at the max.
arms get some work on back/chest/shoulder days. so dont need to be done on those days other than ur arms day.
if u can get to the gym on the weekend, put an off day between shoulders and arms, and arms and chest.

if u want a 6 day split, because leg day gets to big. try:


or hams+calves

about the skin.
i would hope that because ur young, ur skin will still have some elasticity and over some yrs, may tighten up, otherwise surgery may have to be done. who knows?!

wat r ur goals?


If you have saggy skin you might want some coco butter. You will not be able to get your abs so huge that it stretches your skin back out to where it was when you where 40-50lbs heavier.


my goals are to just be as good as i can be
and stats i dont really measure myself
but bench i did 295 for 4 squat 400 or so and no pics to date
everything seems to be recovering pretty good and my shoulders are seeming to get bettter.
i have my split like that because i try doing legs and arms as much as i can becasue those seem to be my weakest points
as far as cardio im afraid to take some days off because im afraid of getting fat again and getting too big as i came a long way from and do not wanna get back to being so fat


by pressing strength wat lifts should i do to increase that
and i do train them as much as i can and on fri really bring them to the max


i go a lot of pressing but i guess some new ideas wouldnt hurt and far as my diet its 6x a day clean and staying away from carbs after my third meal even if i get carbs at that point but i usually dont


if your arms wont get bigger perhaps add more weight. ive found that every ~10lbs your weights changes correlates to about 0.5" on your arm size. add 20lbs and your arms should grow an inch. thats just personal opinion though.

edit: BODYWEIGHT...not weight of your barbell curl or w.e


He is right there is no point in training your arms alone just try and get the big lifts up and throw in some curls here and there.

Saggy skin after only losing 50lbs? I'm guessing you just have a little bit of softness that will tighten up eventually.

Do you have any stretch marks? good luck though.


Wrong. If you want to concentrate on arms there is no problem doing them alone as long as you make sure you are still getting your compound lifts in.

What Modok said was right about pressing movements and frequency. Also, there is no problem with working your tris that much, IMO. Between pressing and direct arm work, I have always hit my tris at LEAST 3 times a week and as much as 5 or 6. As long as you recover from it, it isn't an issue. Besides, your tris are 2/3 of your upper arm, so I feel you should hit those as much as possible to increase overall arm size, anyway.


BenchBunny, take this from someone who is also a new poster (although a long-time lurker) on these boards:

Never comment upon arm training unless you're ready to post pics of your impressive arms. Let the experienced posters give advice instead of spouting off crap that you read on the two or three posts that you've read before signing up for the forum.


Why don't you post a pic of your arms then?



That's pretty much ignoring what he said?


HE didn't offer advice on arms. You did.


Yeah, He should change his name from Bunny Bench to Red Herring. I have read about 3 posts from this guy and I already don't like him.


He thinks he's being funny and witty.


He actually THINKS before he posts this bullshit?

  1. You work your triceps when you do any pushing movement for the upper body, i.e. Bench press, shoulders, and pushing movements...

  2. You work your biceps every time you use a pulling exercise i.e., back and moving weights around the room...

  3. If you are doing a work your whole body 2-3 times a week workout and you have 2-3 arm days per week you are actually working out your arms 4-6 times a week. 4-6 times a week is way too much!!!

  4. The biceps and triceps are very small muscles and do not need much exercise to grow. In most cases the less the better. You have to remember that they are constantly being worked out from other exercises.

I said do compound lifts.. and throw in some curls the throw in some curls comment was to emphasize how unimportant they actually are.


I honestly can't tell.......troll, or just incompetent....


We are still waiting for pics.

And if his arms AREN'T growing the way he wants, direct arm work is VERY important to him. Even Dave Tate who knows a shitload more and whose specialty was powerlifting still said you need direct arm work to have truly impressive arms in his last article.


He is an anomaly. That elusive point at which troll and incompetence meet.