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Question About Arimidex


Guys, I've been transferred from Testim over to Test Cyp injections @ 200mg/ml x 1CC ea week.

I believe that this is a good starting dose and I have broken it down, as I have read in the forums, to 3.5 days @ .5cc each. I feel pretty good after doing this for the last two weeks.

The endo also prescribed arimidex @ 1mg per day. I know, from reading these forums, that this is extremely high and that he probably did this to provide me with the medication. I have been taking .25mg E3D. While talking with a friend of mine, also an endo, he said that for TRT, an AI such as Arimidex is usually not indicated.

I am looking for advice and guidance on whether or not I should have to take AI's.

I KNOW that you're going to tell me to check the labs, and I intend to monitor this closely, but that won't happen for another two months.

So far, no gyno or other signs of high E.

Thanks, everyone, for the treasure trove of knowledge in these forums. You guys have been a guiding light for me during this confusing time.



1mg per day will screw you up royally. At 200mg of Test per week, I would recommend that you take 1mg of the Anastrozole per week. Cut one of the pills in half - Take one half Tuesday morning and the other half Saturday morning. 200mg Test per week is a generous dose for TRT, but a good one IMO (depending on your health and lifestyle). The injections will certainly help you achieve and maintain higher/desireable serum levels. Some of the Test will no doubt convert to Estrogen and the Anastrozole will reduce the amount converted. It will also help maintain a lower SHBG.

We are all different and I can only advise you based on my personal experience. I have been lucky thusfar to have the freedom and resources to try different things during my TRT experience. I get labs done on a regular basis to keep it all in check. I strongly believe a low dose of Anastrozole is imperative at your T dosing schedule. Do your 200mg T per week and 1mg Anastrozole per week. Get labs drawn in a month or two and post up your results!

Good luck


My standard advice:

Do not take Adex or HCG or anything else with your T unless you have a demonstrated need for it. You need to understand the symptoms you are looking for along with blood tests. Learn the symptoms of high E2 and when you experience these, start out with about 1 mg of adex per 100 mg of test each week. So for you that would be 2 mg/adex, which is pretty high. Which brings me to my next point....

200 mg/week of T is not a "standard starting dose". It is high and most people will not need anywhere close to this amount for their TRT. An average sized male will do fine with just 100-120 mg/week. Some need slightly more, some need slightly less, but THIS is a good "standard starting dose".

Bigger guys need more T to maintain high-normal serum levels. But for example, I am 280 pounds and powerlift, and am only on 160 mg/week currently. YMMV.

You are on the right path with injecting multiple times per week. Two minimum, three if you can be arsed to inject 3x/week. Two is probably fine.


VTBalla, I appreciate and respect your opinion. I usually get a chuckle when I read your posts.

Is my math incorrect? 200mg/ml test cypionate @ 1ML per week = 200mg correct? I do feel much better than I did with the gels and such.

I am currently 45 yrs. old, 6'2" 230 lbs. I workout three times a week for two hours or so (not weights, grappling and muay thai boxing). My last blood test had me at 146 Total T.

I know, from this forum, which numbers to post from my next blood test and will post them in a month when I return to the doc for adjustment.

Thanks for the replies!


Yeah your math is right, so you are at 200 mg/week.

I take it your 146 TT was on the gels and not on your current dose, correct? I wouldn't be surprised to see you above the upper range on your next test. You are a big dude, though, so that may be what you need.

Looks like you know where you're headed from here. Keep us posted.