Question about Anastrazole (Arimidex) Dosing

I started a sustanon/boldenone cycle

I started with 250mg (1ml) sustanon first week on Saturday
Then next week same day (saturday) took the second
Wednesday was my third dose ( week 2 )

I started feeling mild pain around my nipples, started with my left then to right then both on Tuesday before the 3rd injection, on the same day I took 0.5 arimidex pain didnt not change, so I took another 0.5 on Thursday, and another on Friday. Now its friday and still have the same symptoms and tomorrow (beginning of my third week) is my 4th injection, Im not sure what should I do? also after my first 0.5 arimidex I only slept for like 6 hours and woke up sweating around my back neck, same thing happened next day.

What really bothers me is this weird pain around my nipples that wont go away, I have read that 0.5 arimidex EOD is too much but im not seeing any improvements? should I wait longer considering that it has been only 4 days since taking the arimidex ( 1.5mg in total 4 days )

Also started feeling metalic taste in my mouth after I have taken 1.5mg in total 4 days

Sounds like it’s not high e2 related, maybe? Just change in hormones. You’re just gonna crash your e2 throwing AI’s at it

Yeah thats what i really thought, its my first ever cycle and maybe its just the hormonal change that caused it and not the E2 however I will get blood test on sunday and see for sure

AI is always used accordingly to bloodwork. You cant take AI without the numbers. Its like shooting in the dark. Its pointless and nor you now we have any info to go by.


Just an update: my E2 was normal and the pain was probably due to my chest workout or hormonal change, but it went away on its own.

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