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Question about an injury

Three days ago my knee started hurting. I didn’t do anything specific to injure it, but it hurts like a son of a bitch to bend my leg. It’s been three days, and it’s actually getting worse. This morning I woke up and its all stiff. Even sitting down in a chair with bent-knee is starting to get painful. The pain seems to be inside the kneecap, and I can’t physically put my finger on it. Has this happened to anyone before? I guess I’m going to have to call it quits on day 2 of my second growth surge project. Help!

Anyone? I’m starting to not be able to walk up stairs because bending my knee hurts so much.

Sounds lik the way i felt after tweaking my knee. I had a chunk of cartillage foating around in my knee. If it is as bad as you say it is go see a doctor, thats what I did. I had to have surgery to remove it. I was able to walk 3 days after surgery and n the gym after a month, and a year later I am back in the gym squatting 335 so the sooner you get it taken care of the faster you’ll be back to normal.

Hey Choad, I had a mysterious knee ailment 3 years
ago and it turned out to be a staph infection (which can
be very dangerous and needs to treated with antibiotics).
But it may also be what KO said; either way - you gotta
see a doctor for God’s sake! Boley