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Question about Amino tablets


I read that Amino Acid tablets/pills are worthless because they are synthetic Aminos and the body will not use them.

I don't get it since all the Aminos say from Whey/Soy/Cassein.

What do you guys think.

Thanks, Rene'


Rene, in general it's best to get your amino acids from protein -- even better from protein you chew. Amino acid supplementation in capsule form is usually for therapeutic purposes. It is used by nutritionists and other orthomolecularly minded individuals to modulate/influence brain chemistry and influence other physiological processes in the body.

If you're talking about something like BCAAs, L-Arginine or L-Glutamine, these amino acids (and maybe a few others) are used by BB types to protect LBM, help with repair and/or recovery and maybe to increase GH. Personally, I tend to lean more towards getting my aminos from whole food sources.


Some amino acid tablets are worthless and some are not! The body absorbs peptide-chain amino acids much better than free amino acids. The peptide-chain amino acid are a much better alternative. You can do a simple test: Chew the tablets! The worse they taste, the more free amino acids they contain"



I completely disagree. The aminos i use are made from hydrosolate which is one of the highest forms of whey protein. I combine 4 of these with 4 livers at each meal. Since doing so Ive seen an increase in LBM of 8 lbs.

You will have many people tell you they are old school or its not necessary. Well nothing is necessary escept subsisting, but thats not what were talking about here.

Many protein sources are not totally complete with all the aminos needed to build LBM. The way I always explain it is say in order to build a pound of lean tissue you have to spell the word CAT using C, A, T aminos. Well if a protein is high in C's like 15, and high in A's say 12, but you only have one T amino, how many times can you spell cat. ONCE. This isnt a scientific explanation, but it works as a decent analogy.

Ive seen countless bodybuilders use aminos and livers to supplement meals and all of them come into their shows with more muscle than they ever had. And natural at that.



What is livers? Do you mean liver as in the organ?


And you attribute your eight pound gain to four extra grams of amino acids and four liver tablets per meal? Let's get real here.

Most direct protein sources are complete, but yes, some are higher in certain amino acids than others. However, who gets all their protein from only one source? People generally get their protein from a variety of sources - chicken, tuna, red meat, eggs, etc. You're going to be getting all the necessary 'amino acids' you need without your eight 'special pills'.

Now if you're taking four Anavars and four Winstrol tabs per meal, then yeah, I'd say your special pills were doing the trick.


theosnacks, that is hilarious.
how many grams of protein are in those pills? maybe 1 gram. im guessing you have a reasonable diet containing < 200g protein. what is less than 10grams gonna do?
Placebo is the best drug ever, i swear to god!!!
The other thing i find amusing is there are Amino pills that are Hydrolysed Whey, yet are so compacted they frequent go straight thru the digestive tract. who cares how good the protein is if body cant even get to it.
Obviously i personally dont see the point in taking broad spectrum aminos, and as for liver tabs, shit thats a whole other story, dont get me started