question about ABBH 1

i am about to start this program but i have a question i hope you all can help with. on day one it states that you do a chest exercise and a back exercise (ex. flat bench and seated rows). do you stick to the movements you choose throught all ten sets or do you change them up say halfway through (like do five sets of flat bench and then do five sets of incline db). also, the program states to take 60 seconds between supersets. i interpret it to mean do the three reps of flat bench, wait 60 sec, then do three reps on rows, wait 60 sec, etc. i just wanted to make sure it doesnt mean do 3 reps of flat bench immediately follwed by 3 reps of rows, wait 60 sec, then repeat for 9 more “supersets”. any advice from those who have done this program would be awesome. thanks.

Trailer36, I already performed the first 9 ABBH1 workouts. Considering day1
with 80% of 1RM I did the 1st set (3 reps ) of flat bench press. Then 60 sec rest. Then 3 reps of barbell row. This completed the first superset. Then 60 sec rest, then bench,60 sec rest, row, 60 sec rest etc. At the end 10 supersets bench/row (about 30 minutes good pump not difficult). For day 17 (10 supersets of 5 reps, same loads as in day 1 and 9) I needed 45 minutes and was hard. Anyway, I already put half an inch on my chest that is a remarkable result considering my age (46). After ABBH1 I’m planning to go on with ABBH2 and Singles.