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Question About a Routine


I was wondering is it okay to switch up a routine after every 6 weeks
one routine would be bicep tricep then back on a day of its own and chest and shoulders
then after those 6 weeks i begin to do chest biceps one day then back triceps 2 days after
is this okay? to switch back and forth every 5-6 weeks?


I always hated switching routines, just because of that first week back in, where one muscle would be sore while the other muscle being worked that day wouldnt be, just because the first muscle was worked later than the 2nd in the first routine.

Id just find something that fits and work with that. PLus there are so many theories on working Antagonists, protagonists, compound muscles, solitary muscles, etc etc that over thinking this is essentially just going to be a setback in the end.


akuma is right


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Find something that works for you and do it consistently. If you are constantly switching up your routine, it's more than likely that you will not make optimal progress.


yes, switch up your routine to include legs... :stuck_out_tongue:

but cmon you've posted 5 or 6 threads about putting together a routine on here, it's not rocket science, pick a routine that's been trie and tested, one that fits in with your schedule, then stick with it!


Yea, these guys are right. If you wanna switch things up for a couple sessions once every couple of months I don't see a problem with that. But, if you completely change what your doing every 6 weeks I'm not sure you'll find your groove and make as much progress.


Only small people switch their routine that often. I am being serious. I don't EVER run across anyone as big or bigger than Holy Mac who gives a shit about changing their routine around every few weeks.

That can not be coincidence.


Why would you change something that works? And why would you not include legs?