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Question about a Poliquin Principle

Article about question is listed above.

I agree with the principles, however, I’m a little confused about the rep ranges.

TC says he does low rep then medium rep then high rep training in 1 day to take care of all of the fibers. I’ve read a few articles that would state the opposite. Saying that this would be confusing to the body and should be seperated. A few methods do incorperate poliquins method, like CT’s hss-100.

Jus wondering what you guys thought, in a bodybuilding perspective. Shoud we hit all of the muscle fibers or stick to a simular scheme per workout. ( 1-5 reps or 8 - 10 reps )

Don’t overthink it. Perform the same work in the same time with a progressively heavier weight over time and eat enough to support growth. If you are not getting stronger, you’re improvement is going to halt.

Simple enough

Appreciate the response

Stay strong