Question about 800mg of Caffeine

My cousin had accidentally overdosed himself and took 800mg of caffeine in one day during an EC cycle; He was shaking and his chest felt really tight and now he feels a little strange when lifting but he says he’s fine enough to lift. He’s waited about 4 days now and wants to hop back onto EC but doesn’t know if he should.

What should I tell him?

He’ll be fine, caffeine has a half life of about 6 hours. 4 days is overkill. I’d also tell him if he can’t learn to use, and not abuse, the EC stack then stop taking it all together.

I had posted a replying telling you to some actual research on your own since this is dealing with large amounts of stimulants, one of which was risky enough for the US FDA to place a ban on. For the sake of your cousin, do not just rely on some random people on the internet.

Are posts not going through, or is this board just heavily “moderated”?