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Question About 5-3-2 In OLAD


Im wondering since the purpose of this week is to establish a max double in your lifts, why bother with the 5-3 part? Why not just do sets of 2 reps working up in weight till you find your max? Ive read where people say theyve used their 5RM in their first set, well if i was to do that, that same weight would then probbaly become my 3RM the following set! How heavy are you actually supposed to go on these first 2 sets??? If your supposed to go much less than your 5 and 3 rep maxes (to leave gas in the tank for the double)on these lifts, then again, i dont see the point of it.


the 5's and 3's are not necessary max effort, they prepare you for you max double.


I do my approximate 5RM on my 5, 3RM on 3 and then I add 2 extra sets of 2 and try what I assume to be a 2RM and then adjust fire from there. On my very last set of 2 I have been trying to go as heavy as possible and if all I can get is forced reps that is what I do, since this is the closing week. That is how I am doing it.


The OLAD is made to accomodate the individaul, so you can do the 5 and 3 however you want to do them.