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Question about 1st Gyno Cycle


stats: 23, lifting seriously for 5 years, yet to hit the juice but planning on running a test e cycle next winter.

I've had a slight case of gyno since puberty. Nothing major, as my bf% is very low (around 10%- hardgainer), it just bothers me (doesn't look right).

Before dishing out the money for surgery, I figured I would try a gyno reduction cycle (or two) to see if it helped me improve my small problem.

I know that I am unlikely to see any benefits as my gyno is probably already set in, but it would be smarter to try it first for around $100, instead of directly spending about $5.000 for surgery.

I've got some epistane, and some research chem nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) and letrozole (femora).

My question is to people more knowledgeable and experienced then myself:

What would be the best dosing for my proposed cycle???

I was planning on doing something like this:

starting with 2.5mg/day of letro and tapering down (possibly running very low dose of epistane along with this)

then after I run out of the letro, running the nolvadex as a PCT to prevent any possible estrogen rebound

I've also heard of bromo, ralox and ATD as being good for gyno reduction. But may try them in another cycle if this one does not have any benefits.

Please help me by adding some constructive criticism!!! I would really like some input on this! This shit is not really something that I can discuss with anyone else!

So any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!


Cummon fuckers help a brother out!


Don't bother. I tried getting rid of my pubertal gyno using letrozole at a (very) high dosage (similar to what you are talking about here), and all I succeeded in doing was (on close to a gram of test a week, mind you) killing my libido and not getting it back to 100% for a few months. I felt rather dead and empty and has ZERO sexual desire. No ED, but that didn't matter because I didn't want it anyway. It was a very unpleasant experience and one I will not repeat.

No reduction at all in gyno.

I'll eventually just spend the money for the surgery.



Dude thanks for the input!
Wow that is very bad news, I've heard of other people having success.
I already ordered the letro and nolva so I gues I'll give it a try anyways.
Hopefully my experience will not be as bad.
I'm not going to dose anything over 1mL(2.5mg)/day.
If anyone else has any input or have heard of any success, or has any links for me to check out it would be much appreciated


Dude thanks for the input!
Wow that is very bad news, I've heard of other people having success.
I already ordered the letro and nolva so I gues I'll give it a try anyways.
Hopefully my experience will not be as bad.
I'm not going to dose anything over 1mL(2.5mg)/day.
If anyone else has any input or have heard of any success, or has any links for me to check out it would be much appreciated


i'm currently trying out something similar. i'm on 500mg/week of test. have been running letro at 2.5mg a day for 4 days now.

have symptoms of low estrogen showing eg:crackly joints, foggy mind. only thing that i find odd is that my libido suddenly shot through the roof again. before this it kinda dwindled down back to normal after the initial high i was experiencing.

so far my gyno has been reducing. or so i think it is. will be tapering the dose down slowly till its time for pct, which should be in about three weeks.


Curious. Those symptoms (crackly joints, foggy mind) are consitent with too-mow estrogen; while (my libido suddenly shot through the roof again) in indicative of well balanced E2?

Well, I guess things don't always fit the way they are supposed to in real life. There are always other elements at play.


@dasboi: Things can change at any minute, and almost certainly will with high dose letrozole, if it is real.

Also, on this thread, I believe there should be a distinction between developing gyno and "established" (for want of a better word) gyno. The former seems to be much more receptive than the latter, according to anecdotal accounts.


Fckin right!
Yea thanks for the input!!!

My letro just arrived today. I'm going to plan and start the cycle this weekend...

To Dasboi:
Dude could you please tell me the protocol you followed with the letro??? I wont be running any test.
Also what type of gyno do you have, is it something that has popped up recently from a cycle.

Im going to take the letro right before bed and never above 2.5mg/day; so hopefully my libido will not be affected too badly.

Also for the nolva PCT should I just follow the same PCT protocol of after a cycle with test???


I dont think my letro is fake considering it has been used and reccomended by a few others in my gym.

I figure the blast to my libido will be shortlived. my joints, particularly my knees, are starting to ache more. I'm thinking the letro is probably "building up" so to speak at the moment and in the process has brought my E2 levels to the point of balance for a brief moment.

Action Yakson:

I've had gyno even before running my cycle. The aim of this current letro cycle is an attempt to reduce the amount of "established" gyno I have.

I've been running 0.125mg of letro daily while on cycle, taking the letro first thing every morning.
Currently, my protocol is:

1st week: 2.5mg a day
week 2 onwards: 2.0mg a day then reduce the dose by 0.5mg after every 3 days until 0.25mg a day. carry on mantainence dose till end of test cycle.

I am coming to the end of my first week at the moment.

As far as I understand, as long as you taper off the letro properly, estrogen rebound should not be much of an issue.

Regarding your pct, I do not think its necesarry to follow a standard pct protocol as you're not trying to restart your test production. The use of nolva would strictly be just as a form of insurance against a rebound. I assume that the time frame for that would be alot shorter than a standard pct.


Have fun having no sexual desire whatsoever for zero return, the both of you. Hope you're already married.

Please update so you can tell us that I was right and steer others away from this bad idea.


ouch. that was harsh.

still, you're the one with more experience then either of us. will keep you updated.


I can only imagine how harsh Letro will be at that dosage. Life will not be fun.


Believe me, I'm trying to be kind.


yes, i've researched this for awhile.
I've heard that your body can have an estrogen rebound after your off the letro b/c your body produces more estrogen receptor sites or something.

Plus the nolva would produce added benefits in gyno reduction.

So I do really appreciate the info! even from the naysayers. But I have to try this, this gyno has been bugging me for a very long time and if its killed then I would be soo fucking happy

The thing I'm worried about tho is that my letro is liquifem "research" chem in a dropper bottle (2.5mg/mL). It's going to be very hard to dose a liquid at .25 and .125 mg/day!

Guess I'll have to try it and find out...

Any more warnings/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Dasboi keep me updated man!


I pre-apologize for my ignorance. What is "gyno?"


You can use an oral syringe (check at your drug store). Make sure you get one that has small enough measurements.

Also, Cortes and I are not talking about the estro reobound. We are talking about the letro driving your estrogen level to zero for all intents and purposes and the agony that is life while in that state. If you taper off the letro there should be virtually no "rebound".

As males we require a certain amount of estrogen for libido, mental clarity, to fend off depression, for good morale, keep joints lubed, etc. Without any, all those elements are in the sewer....


Watch this video.

It's is a little graphic tough. I think cortes linked it into another thread. There's a stick about gyno (short for gynecomastia-or abnormal male breast enlargement. Normally a small hard lump can be felt under the nipple). Nipple soreness/tenderness/itchy nipples are normally the first signs of gyno.



yea thanks man, pretty good video. Love those rocking tits too

Will start letro soon. Got to figure out my protocol completely before I start.

Does anyone know if I will be able to lift while on the letro, or will my joints be too sore??

Definitely hope this helps reduce my gyno, weathers starting to get nice, I would love to walk around shirtless!


Your joints shouldent be that bad.

I would avoid front/side raises and stuff of that nature.

Mega dose fishoil and flax to help lub the joints.