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Quest to Make the Perfect Beef Jerky.


Been trying to expand on my usual combination of liquid smoke and salt. My plan is to make at least one batch each week, each one better than the last to finally create a jerky that even the gods will envy. Starting off this week's marinade with a 1:1 ratio of Worcester sauce and liquid smoke with a little bit of soy sauce, salt and pepper, and half a habanero pepper.
I'm sure plenty of you have created some pretty kick ass jerky, please share your wisdom among us.

Photo of the beef in the marinade, will be ready to dry out by morning.


Picture of the ingredients used for the marinade




already did that. i made this thread to see if i could get any more answers


Looks it worked out really well for you. Not trying at all to be rude, but next time just add your questions to the applicable threads that are in existence.


what if he actually does come up with the best beef jerky, and wants to make a thread then? is it ok for him to have "perfect beef jerky" in the thread title or will that be considered a duplicate thread? it's not like he posted "how do i make beef jerky?"

You posted pics, a recipe, and now you better deliver on this perfect beef jerky promise!


If he does, than he can post that thread then, but that hasn't happened yet. I don't really care, I was just letting him know what this has already been discussed and that he might be able to gain some insight through what has already been written.


Know whats better than Jerky?

BILTONG!!! - http://biltongcanada.com/ecom/index.cfm?Page=docs/what_is_biltong.cfm&CartToken=1U94PTO041510012436

Its chewier, tastier and moister



I believe I have the best beef jerkey recipie. I have been told so many times.

Liquid smoke, one bottle of the stuff you have pictured is fine. 2 cups brown sugar, I prefer dark, 2 cups soy sauce. black pepper to taste. Not, the heat will come from the black pepper si if you want it hotter, just add more black pepper. I have done up to 1/8 cup of the stuff and it does get pretty zingy.

From here you will have a base for many expiraments. A little less brown sugar and throw in some garlic powder for a more traditional jerky. Add in some crushed red pepper and some halepanios for some really hot jerky. Trust me on this one broseph, Also you are using Top round roasts right? Slice it as thin as you can, you want to aim for 1/8th of an inch to 1/4 of an inch.