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Quest to be Elite


Just thought i should start a log to keep me accountable and so i can look back at my progress. Training for around 2 years. Currently Following Westside for Skinny Bastards, im a huge fan of Joe Defranco.

Just Random Stats

Height: 5'10
Weight: 189
Running Box Jump 51 inches(need to get that back up)
Standing 41-47 inches cant remmeber its been awhile.
Bench: 245
Power Clean: 205(my form has went to shit not doing it for a year)
Push press: 195
Deadlift: 395
Squat: 365(estimate been box squatting lately).
Wide grip Pull ups: 10
Curl: 115

Goals: April 2
Running box Jump 61
Standing: 51
Bench 315
Deadlift: 585
Squat: 495
Box Squat: 585
Push Press: 225

Fri Sept 2

Box Squats @ 18 inch box: 365x3, 385x3, 405x1
Front Squat: 225x1
Step Ups 40x8, 45x5, 55x3
GoodMornings 135x8, 165x5, 185x3

General Notes: Was happy to do some box squats but felt incredibly sore. Maybe from shitty food choices at The Minnesota State fair.


Sat Sept 3


*DB Bench 90x10x3
*DB Row 90x10x3
DB Military 40x10
Push Press 135x5
**DB Curl 40x6x2


Sun Sept 4

Started off with light cardio ended up doing tons of route running(football). Noticed ive lost alot of speed. If anyone reads this isnt it smart to start off with shorter distances per week and work up for sprints? Up to like 60yards?


Mon Sept 5

Sprints and Football again. Gym closed early and didnt get to do a few lifts but thats ok, sprints felt good.

Happy Labor Day Everyone


Tues Sept 6

Bench 185x8, 205x3, 225x2
DB Row 100x10, 90x12, 80x15
Military press 70x9, 75x5
Shrugs 225x15
Wide grip Pull Upsx8,8

JUst felt weak overall today, skipped biceps maybe will do some tommorow.


Thursday Sept 8

Box Squat worked up to 405x1 ( was expecting 3)
Step ups 1x3 with 60lb dbs.

Knees hurt called it quits before hurting myself more.


Fri Sept 9

How bout them Packers??? Great game last night.

DB Military 60x15,12,12
DB Bench 90x10x3
DB Row 90x10x3
Shrugs 95x15x3
Incline DB 80x8x3
Wide Grip Chin Ups BWx8x3
Pull Ups BWx8x3
Dips couple sets of 5, full reps freeze at bottom


Sunday Sept 11.

One decade since the horrific event. We all remmeber everyone who passed away. R.I.P. I guarantee everyone remmebers where they were when this happened.

On the bright side, NFL Starts today.

Football for 2-3 hours still extremely out of shape but was fun. Planning on doing more tonight.


Added in some cardio(basketball) for a hour. Some ab work for a change too


Mon Sept 12

Hang Clean work up to 165(easy)
DOuble Overhand 315x1(Just impressed with my grip strength).
Deadlift work up to 365(hard) hopefully just tired from sprints
Front Squat 135x8, 165x5, 185x3
Step Ups 1x8 @40lb dbs


Schedule, not set in stone but would like to follow close to this. Depending on the day, how i feel, etc.


Monday- De/Me Lower
Box Jumpsx 3-8x1-3
Depth Jumps
Lateral Box Jumps 3x10
Box Squats 8-5-3(add more if feeling good)
Split Squats 3x8-15
Good Mornings 15-10-5
Calf Raises 2x15-25

Push Press 8-5-3
Bench 8-5-3
Pull Ups 8-5-3 after 8-5-3 do 50-100 MORE!
Lateral Raises 3x8-25
Dips 8-5-3-5-8-5-3

Wednesday - Cardio/Active Recovery

Thursday-Me Lower
Hang Clean/Reg Clean 3x3
Deadlift 3x3
Front Squat 3x10
Barbell Glute Bridge 3x10
Step Ups 3x12

Friday- Reps Upper
Seated Db Military 3x10-1t
Incline DB 3x8-15
1 Arm Row/ Bent Row 3x8-15
Shrugs 3x15
Dips 3xFailure - 1
Pull Ups 3x8-15

Saturday- Cardio/Active Recovery


Tues Sept 13

Bench 175x8, 200x5, 225x3(3rd rep needed slight help).
Pull ups BWx8, 25x5, 45x3
Push Press 135x8, 165x3, 185x1
DB Bench worked up to 110x3
1 arm db row up to 110x3
Lateral Raises 3x15@20 front/side
DB Curl 60x1
Dips worked up to 45 x 5
Random Pulls ups/Forearm work


Wed Sept 14

Light cardio, one complex and jump rope. Hoping to put up big numbers tommorow.


Thur Sept 15
Standing Box Jump worked up to 41 or 43 inches
Lateral Box Jumps 3x5 per side on 30inch box.
Box Squat work up to 405x3(PR)
Split Squat 3x8 @ 45
Good Mornings 140x8, 170x5, 190x3
Calf Raises


Fri Sept 16
Military DB 80x5, 70x9, 60x15
DB Bench 95x8,6,6
DB Row 95x8,6,6(light)
Wide Grip Chin Ups 3x8(felt good)
Dips x 8,10,10
Pull Ups 2x5(arms felt sore for some reason).


Football Kicking/Punting
Bball for cardio.

Monday Sept 19
Deadlift 310x5, 345x3, 370x1
Step Ups 40x8,8,8


Push Press Work up to 165x3
Bench 175x8, 200x5, 225x3
Pull Ups 3x8
Lying T Fly 3x10 @ 10lb dbs
Dips 6,7,6(struggle with dips..)
Curls(side,reg,hammer) 10,8,10
*10x5 Pulls Ups throughout the workout.



Side Jumps on 30inch box 3x5each side
Box Squat 320x8, 365x5, 410x3
Front Squat 225x1, 135x1
Step Ups 3x8 @ 40lb dbs


DB Military 70x10,10,8
DB Bench/DB ROw 95x8,8,6
20x5 Chin Ups throughout the workout
DB Shrug 80x15,15,15
Delt FLyes 3x15
Lying T's 12.5x12,12,12
Curls 40x8,7,6
Push Ups 10x10



Power Clean worked up to 205x1(easy) 215x0(should have got it).
Deadlift 320x5, 350x3, 375x1