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Quest to be Bigger, Badder & Better

Old Navy’s Quest to be Bigger, Badder & Better in 2010

Most of you know a little about me if you have read any of my articles or followed my previous seven journals posted here and on other bodybuilding and fitness web sites these past five years. My last journal, “Getting My Kicks on ‘Route 66,’” covered my training and competitions this year, as a 66 year-old natural master professional bodybuilder. I ended that journal after my final contest of the year, the 2009 NPA Nationals and Masters Universe in Burlington, NC on July 18, where I placed First in the Open Men’s Lightweight Class in the NPA Nationals and First in the Men’s Masters 60+ Class in the NPA Masters Universe. I was awarded a Natural Physique Association (NPA) Pro Card at this event. I also hold Natural Pro Cards in the National Gym Association (NGA), the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO-FAME) and in the International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA-Canada). I have competed in five Natural Pro Shows, placing 3rd in two, 2nd in two and 1st in one.

My goal this year was to add size and compete 10 pounds heavier than I did in 2008. I hit the stage on July 18 at 148.2, a little more than 10 pounds up from last year. Goal achieved.

Today, I start “Old Navy’s Quest to be Bigger, Badder & Better in 2010.” My goal is to hit the Pro Stage next year at 160 pounds of lean, hard muscle and stand up proudly as a 67 year-old professional athlete entered in my 30th competition.

I have lined up some good help.

Brian Andrews, President of All American EFX, has named me to “Team EFX” as a AAEFX Sponsored Athlete. I am going to be his first “Senior Natural Freak!” Very Cool!

I am using the “Flex Wheeler Signature Series” as part of my training regimen:

Kre-Alkalyn EFX PRO
Nytric EFX PRO

I am also training with the AAEFX “Step-Load Progression” Principle and will report my progress over the next three cycles of the 18-weeks plan.

I will Train Hard and Train Natural in my Quest to be Bigger, Badder & Better in 2010 or my name isn’t Old Navy!

Old Navy

Excellent thread title. Looking forward to seeing you heavier and even stronger.

Good luck!! DEFINITELY keeping an eye on this thread.

OldNavy-- will you be posting regular workouts as well?3