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Quest for Weight Lose

My first goal in my quest to beach beauty next summer and hockey stardom in the fall is to lose weight. I’m chubby and always have been… more of a stocky football build.

I have read this forum and others for years. While I have some of the basics down, some other things boggle my mind.

Weight is 225, height is 5’11". My BMR then comes to 2700. I consumed about 1600 calories today (foods listed below) and rode a bike for an hour and a half at a medium pace (roughly 600 calories burned?).

So what did I accomplish? I THINK this means I need to eat more, if my math is right, but I can’t be positive. Forgive me being an idiot.

Meal 1: 4 egg salsa omelet with ff cheese
Meal 2: Surge drink, post bike ride
Meal 3: 3 eggs (1 only whites)
Meal 4: Chicken breast, salad

I also had some low cal cranergy drink, about 75 calories worth, and some assorted that add up to about 100. Someone help me please. I’m going for the (hopefully) 2 pound a week plan, using BCAAs and weight lifting during the week to keep muscle.

I’m not reall great about diet stuff but I would do interval sprints for weight loss instead of all that bike riding, you could even do intervals with the bike if you wanted but that long slow pace stuff isn’t the greatest for fat loss or hockey.

I wouldn’t say it was slow, but not fast. I have a recently broken ankle so it’s about the best exercise I can get. We went offroad some too to increase intensity.

I didn’t mean to imply you were using a slow pace but any pace you can maintain for an hour and a half isn’t the best, try going all out for like 30 seconds then switching to a slow pace for like 15-30 and repeating for as long as you can (if you don’t feel nausiated you aren’t doing it right) increasing reps each week for progression.

you can use this for any activity that won’t hurt your ankle.

As for diet I would read some stuff by Dr. John Berardi.

Lifting, just do some abbreviated training incorperating all the main lifts and trying to add weight when you can.