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Quest For The Booty


Hi this is just gonna be a record of my workouts and foods. I'm new to power lifting so any constructive criticism is welcome. Currently on a quest to get strong and have a nice butt.

I'm female
5ft 5"
165lbs (gained weight this year because of college, freshman 20 hit me hard lulz. I'm hoping to get to 130 by may so I can be more competitive)
BF% unknown

Squat: 205lbs
Bench: 105
Deadlift: 225

I'm on the first week of the 5/3/1 plan right now.

Squats 45x5 95x5 120x5 135x3 140x5 155x5
Bicep Curls 15x9 15x8 15x6
Hip Thrusts 75x20 75x20
(I'm also a collegiate competitive figure skater and last night was our team practice) So, 1hr of figure skating.

Tonights workout is coming later.