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Quest for the Big 440lb Dedlift


so im on a magical quest to pull the big 440lb...a new mile stone...at the moment i can pull around 410lb so i have some work ahead of me...Any one want to join the quest?


Rules are the same as in a raw meet.....but you have the choice of socks or not and you can drop the weight after a succsesful lock out(optional)!!


I'd like to join. My best deadlift to date is 420, and I plan to go for 440 at my next comp in April. Just got off a long layoff (high school wrestling) so I'm probably down to around a 405 max right now.

Not sure if I could get a video, though, but I can try.


I have pulled 405 and I just started Coan deadlift routine for the first time, aiming for 455. So count me in


Il join, but im gonna set my goal to 460, Recently I got 425, Today was a bad day for my, my last rep was only 415 :frowning:


I'll join in. I am halfway through my second cycle of 5/3/1 and did 285 x 14 yesterday, which puts my max around 417, based on Wendler's formula.

I am planning on trying for 1 RM around Week 3 of the third or fourth cycle. By then, I should be closing in on 440.


I hope I'm crashing this party... but why 440lbs... that's like 4 wheels plus some odd change? Just seems like a strange number.

edit: I meant not crashing, my bad, I'm not that much of an asshole.


It's 200kg in metric Fletch. That's a big milestone for european lifters.


I'll join, pulled 435 today. Unfair advantage but still its just for fun.


WTF are you talking about? its the "BIG 440". Most important mark in powerlifting. jeez



oops didn't read this one till after


yes im european...since i know alot of americans follow Tnation i used pounds....for us the 200kg is a nice round number such as 400lb which would be 181.1kg for us :confused:


so any one close down on 440 yet?


That formula starts to get skewed when you go that high in reps. No need to hijack the thread but I wouldn't put too much weight into any estimate derived from over 3-5 reps, tops.


430 @143lbs bodyweight. Shootin for 445 at 132 at my next meet on march 31st


NBD - get your hips under you more and drive through them. Also if you do not get 445 I will smack you silly.


Im in. My best deadlift is 405, pulled it in december and now im on my 3rd 5/3/1 cycle. Lets do it!


Failure isn't an option. How's the quest for 4x goin man?


Nice pull man how long u been lifting?


In. Did 402 in competition 2 weeks ago @ 181 age 55.