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Quest For GPP

I’m on a mission to get in shape so i can lift to get stronger and can some weight. For this cycle i’m going to be spending less time on actually lifting weights for strength and mass and more time on increasing my GPP and work capacity. My schedule will look like this.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
AM-Before Class
Unweighted GPP
1-jumping jacks
3-push ups
4-slalom jumps

1 lower body exercise
1 upper body push
1 upper body pull
abs and accessory work

Then after that i will perform a complex such as the bear or javorek complex.

Also, after i get accustomed to doing the unweighted GPP in the morning i will add in dumbbell circuits also. After i feel i’m in much better shape, I will switch to an upper/lower body split, drop some of the GPP and try to maintain a good level of GPP and increase the training voluem for mass and strength. I MUST GET IN SHAPE TO LIFT WEIGHTS!!!

I don’t know exactly what kind of shape you’re in currently, or your goals, however, comments/suggestions are as follows.

  1. You might want to split your days up between GPP and your weight work-outs. It wasn’t clear from your post if that was schedule induced, but it might be less than ideal.
  2. I would recommend that you include 2 lower body movements. One quad dominant and one hip dominant. Individuals tend to think about “legs” a quads and posterior chain is almost always an “opportunity for improvement”
    Best of luck.
    old dogg

I am usually spent after doing the Bear or a Javorek complex. You must be a manimal!

I will do all of this in one day but am considering switching my AM GPP to jumping rope and dumbbell circuits and then doing the unwighted GPP on my off days. I just know that i’m not in good enough shape right now to make progress in the weight room. And i tried the bear today, and its BRUTAL, but after my heart rate got back to normal and had my postworkout shake, i felt really good. So we will see how this goes.


Your line of thinking is correct. Be sure to check out my “GPP ASAP” article in the archives for further GPP-boosting techniques.