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Quest for FAQ


I'm slowly getting weary of seeing the same questions show up day after day after day.

So, I propose using this thread to collect information that would be useful as an unofficial FAQ. This is definitely a work in progress in the fine tradition of making stone soup.

Anyway, example questions that probably drive half the people around here nuts would be...

What creatine should I use?
How should creatine be taken?

Feel free to jump in and identify annoying repeated questions. Giving answers or even links to threads that have the answers would be a plus.

Some other common questions...

Is soy bad for you?
Can I take product X with product Y?
What program should I use?
How do I increase vertical jump?
How do I train for sport X?

With respect to organizing the FAQ, I'm leaning towards having a section per forum topic. This would allow the purpose or rules of each topic to be stated as well as provide a natural method of grouping questions and issues.

- General Issues
- Supplements and Nutrition
- Building a Better Body
- Physique and Performance Photos
- Over 35 Lifter
- Beginners
- Strenth Sports
- Get a Life
- Sex and the Male Animal
- T-Vixen Sorority
- Politics and World Issues
- Steroids

Ideas? Questions? Answers?


vrooooom, it's not a bad idea. I've been planning to throw out a creatine and protein FAQ as part of a supplement blog.

BUT, I think Cy loves answering the same questions about combining Biotest supplements. LOL


Two lil' Canadians trying to run the world.


What is Glycogen (spelling?), what does it do, and how does it affect me?

What is an,Endomorph, Mesomorph, Ectomorph and what are my strong/weak points?

Can I drink my morning coffee and take my thermogenic fat-loss supplements?

How many supplements are too many?

Is it possible to take too much antioxidants?

What should I concider when buying supplemental protein powders/drinks?

How much excercise is too much?

Does running on a tredmill give me a gretly different workout then running on the street?

What can I do to maximize the effectiveness of my fat-loss supplement?

Is eating late at night bad for weight loss?

What competes for absorbtion when I swallow a supplement with food and what does my liver have to do with processing supplents?

...Ive got a slew more..


Here's an issue that I recall being asked and answered at some point in the past...

Grow! & Low-Carb Grow!

These products do not contain lactose and are generally able to be used by those suffering from lactose intolerance.


When creating a new thread in the Physique and Performance Photos forum, the first post must contain a picture. After the thread appears in the forum you can add more by responding to your own thread.

Pictures must meet the following criteria in order to be posted:

  • Make sure the file is a .jpg, under 125 kb in size and under 350 pixels in width.

You can resize images using the Paint program pre-installed on most computers.

It is possible to "lose" an image you have attached by previewing your post then using the "back" button, but not re-attaching the image after the preview.


Vroom, I've noticed a number of threads in different forums relating to injuries such as shoulder problems (rotator cuff). There are articles such as Eric Cressey's rotator cuff article that would benefit many.

What about a topic on 'rehabilitation' or injury prevention? Articles could be linked to address common questions such as:

What exercises can I do to overcome a soulder injury?

What exercises can I do following a knee operation?

What stretches should I include as part of my workout?


Can we have one for people to read if they are thinking about posting pictures and wanting "criticism". They can just read the standard responses that they are bound to get, and then they don't have to actually post and start a new thread. You could have one if people want to feel good.

Lookin good bro!

Keep it up!

And one if people just want to remember what they already know:

Clean up your diet, eat and pick a program!


"How much bigger am I than everyone else?" :wink:

While I applaud the effort for this thread, I must say that the biggest obstacle will be getting people to look at it BEFORE posting. It seems most newbies don't even browse at all before posting. Sometimes what they ask is even in an article from the past few days! It's right at the top of the screen.

I'm not sure what we can do to solve this short of requiring people to answer some basic layout/organizational questions before allowing them to post. But I figure that might be too restrictive. Maybe having Vroom's beginner thread be the first thing that shows up for an unregistered user and they have to click somewhere else to go to the regular homepage.

Because seriously, these questions are so basic you have to figure that these people should realize they might already have been asked. But alas, maybe I expect too much.

One constructive suggestion I have is to compile all the survey threads on products and programs. Newbies and others often want to know how effective a program/product is before trying it or figuring out what to pick between several different programs/products. So we get a lot of posts asking peoples progress on each program/product. If we could make a thread with links to peoples' results from each program/product I think that would go a long way in cutting down some of those repetitive posts.

Especially because usually they are buried somewhere in the search engine and people just post that it's been asked before many times and to look it up. But then when you go look you have to sift your way through all the other similar threads that people just said it's been done before. It would probably take some effort to find them all but I think it would be worth it.


Another one unanswered as of yet: is Vroom on T-Nation's payroll? If not, they ought to send you a (low-carb) muffin basket or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding, of course. Another great thread, Vroom. Here's my contribution: why not put up a basic training encyclopedia, with difinition of things such as supersets, RM, Failure etc. And while we're at it, why not a picture gallery the authors could use to illustrate their articles. I know for reading it that coach Davies had some problem shooting his own alone. Would be great to newbies and musclehead alike.


Hmm, some good ideas cropping up.

I'm not going to pretend I have all the answers for the issues raised, but I do know that if we keep getting questions, ideas and answers we'll end up with something that addresses at least some of the current frustrations.

So, how many times have you heard something like this?

If everyone pitched in and posted one question and answer pair, we'd have a reasonable FAQ in no time...

Anyone? Anyone? Mr Spicoli?


Should I, would I, could I, do you, how do, how much do you, with what do you, shave your head, chest, balls.

And do women like it.

What body part do women find most attractive.

How long should I wait to call her.


Perhaps we could also post a final difinitive answer on Life, afterlife, the Universe, which religion doesn't suck, who will burn in hell, George Bush, the War, Homosexuality, and why Canada is the Eutopia of legend.


What are these red bumps all over my testicles? what? no one else has this problem? nevermind.


That's easy, 42


Some basic answers for the oft repeated creatine questions:

Plain old creatine monohydrate is fine, perhaps micronized to help it mix with water. Some folks around here use Creapure, to ensure that their creatine dosn't contain other compounds.

Generally, you don't have to go through a loading phase. Simply take it every day, perhaps after your workout in Surge, and you'll be good to go -- perhaps up to 5g per day.

Extra additives in creatine products are generally not needed and are an excuse to boost the price of the product.

[If that article mentioned above shows up, I'll link to it here...]


Heres one. In the event that another torrent of kids post a pic with a question about their six pack- They are imediately linked to www.feardotcom.com, and die in two days. That would clear up a lot of shit.

One that comes up a good bit that would warrant a serious response is Why does my shoulder hurt? All though the answer varies, a link to the shoulder health articles would be a great start.


Here's my two cents:
What kind of program should I put together for my wife/girlfriend who wants to start lifting weights?
The same program you would for any beginner. Women are no different. Base it upon their sports/fitness background. You just have to convince them they won't get huge overnight from lifting weights.


Final difinitive answer on Life: To pass on our genes.

Afterlife: Doesn't exist.

The Universe: Big.

Which religion doesn't suck: None.

Who will burn in hell: Doesn't exist.

George Bush: Rat Boy.

Homosexuality: Nobody's business.

Why Canada is the Eutopia of legend: It's very clean, but they need to learn how to make breakfast sausages.

There, I'm done. That was easy.


Q: I'm 16, what supplements should I be taking?

A: You shouldn't be taking any supplements at all junior. Why don't you try eating large quantities of good food and putting in some hard work in the gym. At your age you are still growing and shouldn't be messing with anything beyond perhaps protein powder.