Quest for Elite

Making my run to finally hit an Elite PL total at 242lbs, 1889 lbs. I compete mainly in the USAPL, and will do the total there. My PRs are 722 squat,524 BP (575 in a BP meet), and 622 in the DL, with 1824 my highest total. Plan is to hit this total in Spring 2007

While I like talking and writing about Training, getting under the bar and doing the smart thing is what is going to get the white lights to come on. This Training Log is to help keep me smart by knowing any craziness is going to go up on the net.

Just finished a huge BP loading block, with an ongoing easy BP/DL week to nurse a tender hammy. Last BP week went like this:

squat 225x3x2, 315x3, 405x3
BP 135x5, 225x5, 315x3,
48 Katana on
4 board 405x1, 495x1, 605x1
3board 605x1
2 board 605(20lb PR)xX just that last little bit of lockout #%&@!!!
loose 52 F6 on
3 board 495x3,4
no board 405x5x2
DL 225x3, 315x3, 405x3x2
son did box squats today, held boards for my lifts, then DLed and then ran pass skeloton with me. A great day even with the miss @605.

later KB bu snatch and press 53X3L+3R
KB press 53x10L+10R, 88x12R+12L PR!! Hoping for 10 a side!
kb swing 53x70 reps alternate on fly
blue+mini band pushdownx30
pink band rear deltsx30x2

really beat from monday shirt work and training at 0500L in SD.

BP 135x5x2, 225x3, 275x3, 325x3, 275x3, 325x3
close grip 275x3, 325x3
squat 225x3x2
bodyweight dip 7x5 sets
hammer iso high row 225x7,315x7x3, 365x7
need week off

Hi Jack,

Look forward to following your log and learning from it. Thanks for doing this.

Best of luck.

Great look forward to the log and to giving you congrats come spring

Hey jack where in Louisiana are you out of ? And where do you train at ? I am also a powerlifter Living in Louisiana (newbie powerlifter ) . Best of luck in your quest for elite !

[quote]NATOR wrote:
Hey jack where in Louisiana are you out of ? And where do you train at ? I am also a powerlifter Living in Louisiana (newbie powerlifter ) . Best of luck in your quest for elite ![/quote]

Jack’s all over Louisiana, wherever he’s needed…

Give us some news!!!

Hey Jack,

good to hear from ya on the forums again. Planning to hit those at the Military nationals? Best of luck to you in your training - come see us at the Hood if you get time!

squat 225x3x2, 315x3, 405x3, 405x3 just not feeling right in hammy and hip yet
Speed Bp 135x5x6 3 grips, 225x3x6 3 grips, second rotation of grips speed was very good.
fat bar DL 225x3, 315x3, 405x3, 455x3, 405x3, 455x3

looks like push pull is off so no need to push anything yet

Jack, nice meeting you at Men’s Nats. Best of luck to you on getting elite status. I too am in that boat.


physical today with a lot of blood drawn, plus Push Pull is off, so am going into SQ/DL Maintenance and higher cardio until after PRT OCT 20

12 inch box squat raw 225x3x2, 315x2x2, 365x2, 315x3, 365x3 groin iffy but speed good
JM press 135x5x2, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5x5 just relearning this groove.
clean grip DL 225x3, 315x3x3
spread eagle situp x50

landscape dragging
GHR x8x3 sets bodyweight
double Kb swing+double press 53x10+10

squat 225x3x2, 315x3
BP 135x5x2, 225x3, 315x5x5
close grip 4 board 315x6x3
wide chins to clavicle 150x10x2, 180/200/220x7

mentally a long way away today, so opted out of ME BP


squat 245x3x2, 335x3, 425x5
rev grip bp 135x5x2, 225x5x2
clean grip dl 225x3, 315x3x2
incline treadmill 8 mins@15%, 3.2 mph
60 situps
getting ready for PRT and letting it all heal

9/21 on the road in Tampa in a Bally’s…ouch
incline treadmill 5 mins@15%, 3.3 mph
BP 135x5, 225x3, 315x3, 275x3, 365x3, 315x3, 275x3, 365x2, 315x5 better than monday but still way off.
hammer iso pulldown 7x7 pyramiding weights
db ext 40x8, 65x8x2
false grip hammer curl 40x10x2
incline treadmill 10 mins@15%, 3.2 mph
hams feeling better

squat 245x5x3, 335x5
BP 155x5x2, 245x5, 295x5, 245x5, 335x5, 245x5, 335x5
4 board BP 335x5, 425x5
incline treadmill 10 mins15%, 3.3 mph

In FTW. Tired.
incline treadmill 5 mins@15%, 3.3 mph
cg BP 135x5x2, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 2 bd cg 315x5, 365x3, 345x4 gym rat spotter grabbed 4 so stopped set. Done
Nautilus compound plate selector row 7x8 sets working up to stack for last 3 sets.
JM press 225x5x5
drag curl 95x7x2
incline treadmill 11 mins @15%, 3.3 mph
hams should be good in another week or so. will ramp up after navy PRT Oct 20 and maybe do meet Nov 21

pre-hab and conditioning for PRT
KB bottoms up snatch and press 53x3L+3Rx3
KB snatch 53x10L+10Rx3
14 min run
KB swing 53x60
still warm in the bayou so broke a great sweat.

work and family left this a short day
BP fat bar, pinky on ring 135x5x2, 225x3, 295x3, 345x3, 295x5, 345x3, 295x3, 345x3
dip bodywtx5, 25x5, 35x7
20 mins.
Very strong and fast, not what i would have predicted.

speed sq/dl
incline treadmill 5 mins@15%, 3.3 mph
12" box squat 225x3x2, 315x3x3, suit bottoms on 365x3, 405x3
squat feels ready tot ake off after PRT on the 20th
speed dl 245x3x2, 335x3x2, 385x3x2
pulldown to neck 7x7 climbing up to stack
spread eagle situpsx75

Oct 05, 2006
on the road again
BP cg 135x5x2, 225x5x2, 2 close grip board 315x5, 365x3, 315x5, 365x3
JM 225x5, 245x5, 265x5, 275x5
incline treadmill 6 mins@15%, 3.5 mph

Oct 06, 2006
squat 225x5x2, 315x5x2
rev grip BP 135x5x2, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3
drag curl 95x7x2, false grip rev curl 95x7x2
spread eagle situpx80
incline treadmill 10 mins@15%, 3.4 mph
looking good but i hate cardio and can’t wait to get back to training HEAVY