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Quest for Diamond Cuts and Roadmap Veins


I’m a highschool senior who has been lifting for three years and very seriously for one.

I started out as a chubby kid, than got pretty lean, but struggled with severe binge eating last summer and gained a good amount of weight. Got my diet dialed in and consistent so now I’m just climbing back and hopefully higher than where I was

I have always prided myself on pushing the limit with my workouts so naturally I’m starting a log to make sure that limit continues to be pushed!

Feel free to critique or give any and all input

My main goal in this log is to keep my workouts intense and purposeful, and end up more shredded than ever come beach season


1/19/17: Had to fit a quick 40 minute workout in between school and work so I focused on really isolating tri’s


  1. 4 supersets of Vbar tricep pushdowns/ overhead rope ext.
  2. 4 supersets of plate loaded tricep push downs/ 1 arm db overhead extension
  3. 6 sets of barbell clean and press focusing on Tricep stress


Learn how to do double unders and work them in between sets. It’s kept me lean so far this winter, and also helped me during last summer – although I strongly feel that when it comes to getting leaner, exercise is only complimentary to diet and not the other way around.

I also finish every workout with a few sets of power cleans.

I know you say you have your diet dialed in, but I’ll give you one of my own tips if you don’t mind. Just make cod and egg whites the nucleus of your diet, and you will become leaner. Of course, it’s not super important what foods you choose, but cod is so low in calories yet so high in protein giving you more freedom to be loose with the rest of your food – allowing you to enjoy life more thus staying the course while keeping your sanity.


Thanks for the great advice! But what do u mean by double unders?


OK… So you don’t do jump rope

Not really a beginner’s rope, but this is the best one I’ve ever used.

It’s a workout just learning how to do it, and when you finally string multiples together it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. Yes, it’s tough to learn but that’s part of the fun. It took me about a month for it to finally click.


Great job on the progress so far!!

What is your split? What exercises do you normally do?


To be honest I’ve never even considered implementing it but you’ve got me into the idea… I’m gonna get that rope and start learning, I don’t know if you know adi gillespie but hes crazy with a rope. Thanks for taking the time to find links man!


Thanks man!

Not a hard and fast split but I hit every part at least onceand I’ll mix in a hard total body about once a week… lately I’ve been overly motivated and have been hitting two a days so the frequency is there


Just one more thing…if you really are going to get into it try to limit your sessions to no more than 10 or 15 minutes. I gave myself a metatarsal stress fracture by grinding away for more than half hour every day. But there’s only a danger of injury if you get ridiculous with it like I did.


1/19/17: shoulder and ab day

all supersets :

  1. 4 sets standing military press/ db arnold press
  2. 4 sets alternating upright rows/shrugs/farmers carry
  3. 4 sets lateral raise/ frontal raise

3 sets of cable crunches till failure
3 sets of captains chair left lifts till failure