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Quest for Amazon Legs

Thanks for killing my log Alexus - and don’t worry about it, it simply means we are starting a new chapter.

Link to former log:

5’5, 155lbs

did my first meet back in march and loved it

currently on a long squat rehab journey but the small step forward have been a beacon in the dark night.


Squats 185lbs

Bench 155lbs

Deads 285 (but this hasn’t been tested in a while and I have a feeling I have an extra 10lbs on there)

stuff I love:
lifting heavy
hanging with my family and friends…

First in?!?

Yay for a new log =D

my goal is strenght 90% of the time.


squat 225lbs

deads 315lbs

bench - honestly another 155 bodyweight would get me psyched at this point.

Yay new log!


Morning BG & Nikki
that was a quick welcoming of the new log :slight_smile:

EYEAH!!! I love my frenchie :)!!!

How’s the diving been lately?

tapping into amazon psyche.

[quote]brute_fury wrote:
EYEAH!!! I love my frenchie :)!!!

How’s the diving been lately? [/quote]

Morning Brute :slight_smile:

The weather has been crappy and cold this May - usually it’s like summer by now in the city. I’m waiting for a little more heat and then I’ll plan a couple of local dives. It won’t be as comfortable as diving in the carribean but it will keep my skills honed.

do you have any underwater photo equipment? i wanna see mermaid frenchie :slight_smile:

^I’d love too but not yet, the stuff is rather expensive and my diving skills need work. After a few more dives I’ll def consider investing in one.

Amazon legs are but a 1,000 squats away.

Wow, new log! Love the pics. The amazon legs are yours for the taking… I’m so excited for this new chapter.

Any idea when your next meet will be ? The next Battle of Montreal is taking place in July at the Montreal BB in Vaudreuil. Check out the website.

Hell, yes!

I xoxoxo the shoulder baring black dress up there.

[quote]nlmain wrote:
my goal is strenght 90% of the time.


And the other 10% of the time?

pulls up a chair

You’re gorgeous AND strong…love that combo, love that dress up there :slight_smile:

Like the new title. I think we need a legs photo to start this off eh?

Popular girl, a new log already! YAY!

I’ll point out, that there are no dedicated leg pictures here yet. :frowning: