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Quest for a 6-Pack

Made some progress since my last thread.

Weight- 204lbs
Height- 5’11"
Diet- Cutting out bread finally, its going to be hard but it will be worth it. Mostly meats like tuna, salmon, grilled chicken, mixed with lettuce, carrots, banana peppers, pickles in a salad with FF dressing. Lots of water.

Supplements: fat burner, Fish oil, Flaxseed Oil, protein, Multivitamin.

I guess I need some sort of constructive criticism, maybe a BF guess.


Back needs some work…nothing a good clean bulk wont fix after my cut.

front flexed


Tommorow when my camera is charged.

Why are you cutting now?

Because I have excess fat around my waist…why does anybody cut.

I really don’t think you need to cut at this point.

[quote]Senecan wrote:
Because I have excess fat around my waist…why does anybody cut. [/quote]

Yeah, but you’re 20 and still growing. If you got your back, chest and shoulders to catch up to your arms, I think you’d look alot better than if you lose the 8-12lbs you’ll need to see your abs. JMO

I agree with the general sentiment. You don’t need to cut… add muscle in your weakspots then just clean up your diet and drop some cals for a few months and you will make good natural progress w/o hydroxy cut.

I’m all for the adding mass to my weakspots. I’m a little hesitant on eating alot because I don’t want to put fat back on…any suggestions on what i should eat and how much? I just don’t want to eat everything in sight.

Use the search function and read. There’s alot of great articles here filled with information. Try starting with Berardi’s 7 habits. You’ll need to experiment with your diet, as everyone is different.

Cut down the carbs a bit
Drink 3-6 cup of green tea/days
High intensity sprinting at least once per week
(20 min rest between sprints included)

and you should start to see your abs real soon

be careful, its really easy to lose a lot of muscle mass too so I would recommend you supplement with BCAA and vitamin C and boost a bit your protein intake.

What happened to the leg pics? I’m just hoping you’re not a curl junkie. Unfortunately, it’s easy for me to assume the worst.

double thigh


right calf

left calf

bump for the legs