Quest for 21.0 FFMI


  • Squat - 185lbs 3x5
  • Bench - 165lbs 5x5 - 3 minutes rest on last two sets
  • Dumbbell Row - 65lbs 3x11
  • Leg Extension - 130lbs 8,9
  • Hammer Curl - 30lbs 3x10
  • Tricep Rope Overhead Extension - 80lbs 13,13,15
  • Face Pull - 90lbs 2x14
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl - 25lbs 10,9

Going to be switching back to an Upper/Lower Shoulder vs Chest Focus/Quad vs Hamstring Focus routine, more bodybuilding style. Squatting seems to be causing more issues than it’s worth right now. So will be doing leg press, hack squats, leg extensions, lunges, and Bulgarians for quad/glute work; and doing deadlifts, RDLs, leg curls, and adductor machine for hamstring work; and adding calf raises back in. Upper Body routines will basically be the same as what I’ve been doing the last few weeks but adding a couple extra sets of chest/shoulders and back to each workout.

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Workout - Upper Body - OHP:

  • OHP - 105lbs 6,6,6,7
  • Pull Up - 3x8
  • Bench - 135lbs 12,10,8
  • Cable Row D-Ring Grip - 100lbs 2x15
  • Barbell Curl - 60lbs 3x10
  • Tricep Rope Pushdown - 75lbs 3x10
  • Face Pull - 90lbs 2x15
  • Incline Hammer Curl - 20lbs 14,13
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Workout (Yesterday) - Legs:

  • Leg Press - 360lbs 3x8,1x15: Will be bumping up a good amount on this next time, gotta get used to the movement. Was doing 450lbs back in the spring
  • Leg Curl - 85lbs 3x10
  • Leg Extension - 130lbs 3x8
  • Hip Adductors - 100lbs 3x10
  • Calf Raises - 190lbs 2x15, 2x12
  • Hanging Leg Raise - 4x10. Was planning on doing another set but this smelly, creepy, old dude was stretching behind me and I couldn’t take the smell any more. There was a girl wearing basically a bikini top that and he was stretching there so he could look at her. Fucking creepozoid 65 year old.

Focused on maintaining muscle tension on leg curls/extensions/adductors/calf raises.

Workout (Today):

  • Bench - 155lbs 4x6
  • Dumbbell Row - 65lbs 2x11,1x13
    Stopped after this cause I was having trouble getting my heart rate down for some reason, and I have a date tonight so didn’t want to drain myself.
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Posting here just cause I’ve got no where to vent to about girls that keep playing fucking games and pissing me the hell off.

But at least I’m looking juicy af.

Also decided to hit some arms after posting this while doing cardio:

  • Hammer Curl - 30lbs 12,12,10
  • Tricep Rope Pushdown - 70lbs 3x14
  • Facepulls - 90lbs 2x15
  • Incline Bicep Curl - 20lbs 13,13,11

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Workout (Yesterday)

  • Deadlift - 185lbs 4x6
  • Bulgarian Split Squat Quad Focus - 60lbs 9,9,11
  • Romanian Deadlift - 95lbs 3x10 - this was super light, just easing back into these because I know how sore they make me
  • Leg Extension - 125lbs 2x12, 115lbs 1x12
  • Decline Weighted Crunch - 45lbs 4x10

This was my Hamstring focus lower. Skipped calves because I have a sprained met-1

Workout (Today):

  • Pull Ups Chest to Bar - 4x8
  • Weighted Dips - 45lbs 4x8
  • Chest Supported Row - 90lbs 10,10,8
  • Chest Fly - 100lbs 3x15 - was too easy
  • Rear Delt Fly - 75lbs 3x15 - also too easy
  • Dumbbell Curl - 25lbs 12,12,14
  • Dumbbell Skull Crusher - 25lbs 3x12

This was my back focused upper.

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Edit: Oops, forgot to add my legs workout from saturday.

Workout (saturday):

  • Hack Squat - 110lbs 8,8,8,12 - Quad exercises always feel so much harder than they are, I always find out I’m leaving too many reps in reserve on the first couple sets, even at 12 reps I wasn’t at failure, maybe 1-2 RIR still
  • Leg Curl - 85lbs 10,10,12
  • Leg Extension - 125lbs 3x11
  • Hip Adductors - 100lbs 11,11,13
  • Hanging Leg Raise - 5x10

Workout (Sunday):

  • OHP - 105lbs 4x6 - was pretty tired and slow this morning, so actually did 1 less reps than last time
  • Pull Ups - 8,8,9
  • Bench - 135lbs 3x10
  • Cable Row - 115lbs 2x12
  • Dumbbell Curl - 25lbs 13,13,11
  • Tricep Rope Pushdown - 75lbs 11,11,13
  • Facepulls - 95lbs 12,14
  • Incline Hammer Curl - 25lbs 2x10
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Workout (Yesterday):

  • Leg Press - 450lbs 3x8,1x12 - Again I underestimated this even after jumping up 90lbs. Last time I was doing leg press I was doing 450lbs for sets of 6. My depth on these is pretty poor, I might play around with my foot width some
  • Lying Leg Curl - 80lbs 1x6, 70lbs 10,10,8 - Wasn’t sure what weight to use on these, accidentally started too heavy. Some asshole was on his phone on the seated leg curl machine for like 15 minutes
  • Leg Extension - 135lbs 3x8
  • Hip Adductors - 100lbs 3x12
  • Hanging Leg Raise - 15,15,10

Ended up accidentally at a bar with some girls I met until after 2 last night, so only got about 4 hours sleep last night. Gonna have to skip the gym today cause I’m exhausted. My workout frequency has not been great recently because I’ve been so busy.

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  • Bench - 185lbs 1x3, 160lbs 4x6 - I felt like doing a heavy bench today, the 185x3 was the most I’ve ever benched and I definitely had another rep in the tank, maybe two. Felt pretty damn easy.
  • Dumbbell Row - 65lbs 3x13
  • OHP - 95lbs 9,8,8 - the last rep was a GRIND. Gonna need a nap today after that, OHP always seems to sap my CNS when I go close or to failure
  • Hammer Curl - 30lbs 3x11 - last 3 reps I needed a bit of momentum
  • Tricep Overhead Rope Extension - 85lbs 11,11,13
  • Facepulls - 95lbs 2x13
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl - 20lbs 14,13
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